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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: We Look Into the Controversy Surrounding Teddi Mellencamp’s ‘All-In’ Business, Plus Why It’s Getting So Much Scrutiny!

If you follow reality gossip, you’ve probably seen Teddi Mellencamp’s ‘All-In’ fitness company in the headlines recently, and it’s getting some serious heat. While Teddi’s business was never a secret, the details have always been murky as even her co-stars couldn’t figure out what an ‘Accountability Coach’ really does. In the past few days, Emily Gellis has been taking to her Instagram page to showcase horror stories of former clients of the ‘All-In’ program who have claimed the program promotes starvation, disordered eating, and bullying tactics. AllAboutTRH reached out exclusively to Emily to get the scoop on what is so suspicious about the program.

If Emily’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she is the first to have shone a spotlight on the F-Factor diet that has since been heavily criticized (for more information on that, click here.) Emily shared horror stories about the F-Factor diet with her 200K+ followers and has since started doing the same for Teddi’s ‘All-In’ program. When asked why she felt it was important to investigate these health and fitness programs, Emily stated that “Women’s lives are on the line.”  When asked about Teddi’s ‘All -In’ program, Emily stated that when looking into it, members were “literally paying to starve, and then are berated if they fall off track for one day. It’s the most sickening diet I’ve ever seen.”

Clients must sign an NDA to be part of the program, so the anonymous sources cannot be verified at this time; however, there does seem to be a general overall theme. The stories that Emily is referring to include extreme dieting, limiting calories to a dangerous degree, mixed with cardio. A sample recipe for a ‘taco’ is in the photo below:

A typical day on the ‘Jumpstart’ program (which runs $599) will be oatmeal (made with water) along with berries for breakfast followed by a snack (aka a piece of fruit.) Lunch includes a 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice or quinoa along with a cup of steamed veggies. Late afternoon is another snack of your choice (a piece of fruit)  followed by dinner, which is said to be a soup consisting of broth and veggies. Members are also committed to doing an hour of cardio per day, which has left many stating that, of course, you will lose weight, as you are burning more than you are consuming; however, this is unsustainable and could be dangerous.

Emily stated that after hearing from members about the strict regimen, she “has uncovered that this isn’t a diet plan – it’s a starvation plan. [Averaging] 500 calories a day with an hour of cardio? Not one doctor will tell you this diet is medically safe or sound – because it’s not.”

Further criticism comes from the fact that there are no doctors or nutritionists to monitor members throughout the process. It seems to be a ‘one plan fits all,’ not considering each person’s unique body chemistry and medical needs. One member posted that her endometriosis got increasingly worse due to the gluten, while another said she lost her period for months.

Teddi does not claim to be a doctor or nutritionist and states on her ‘FAQ’ page that her coaches are not certified and “do not carry any fitness, medical or health certifications.” To be a coach, you must complete the program yourself, get the green light by Teddi, and then look to coach and recruit other members. The overall coaching program makes many naysayers claim that this is a dangerous MLM setup:

Members have also complained about not getting a refund after being kicked out for a slight hiccup in their routine, as they have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for cheating on the diet. One person claimed to have gone on a first date and was reprimanded for getting a burger with no bun, as she was accused of choosing a guy over sticking to her goals. Another claimed to have been alone in the hotel gym at midnight while on a business trip as she had to get her workout in to avoid being kicked out of the program and left with no refund. This is also outlined in the FAQ portion of the ‘All In’ website:

Emily states that Bravo “has a huge responsibility” as they allow Teddi to promote her business on camera and further believes that “it’s serious and needs to be handled timely and with extreme care.” Many Bravolebrities have discussed their current or past relationship with food and disordered eating, further adding fuel to the criticism that it is promoted on the show. 

AllAboutTRH reached out to Teddi for a comment but did not get a response. Teddi did respond to her fans and followers with an Instagram video surrounding the controversy saying:

“For one, I wanted to say I love ‘All In.’ I am so incredibly proud of the over 15,000 lives we have helped change. I am so proud of all of our clients; I love all of our coaches. I love that I can wake up every single day and feel good about what I do – I live and breathe it. I 100% feel confident in the fact that we let you know before signing up exactly what the program entails. If it’s something that you want to do … and you want us to hold you accountable to your goals – we are there to do that for you. If it’s not something you want to sign up for, you don’t. That’s why I love that we are very transparent from the beginning. We believe in you, we will fight for you, and we know that the best is yet to come.”

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I do hope this is looked into as signing an NDA for a fitness/diet program seems odd. This, combined with the fact that no doctors or nutritionists are signing off or monitoring clients throughout the process, makes me nervous for anybody with health conditions or who may be suffering from an eating disorder. Hopefully, if changes are needed to be made with the program, they are done so promptly.

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‘All In’ FAQ Source: All in By Teddi

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