RHOBH Reunion Recap – Part 2!

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Who is ready for RHONY reunion part 2? We’re still dealing with Dorinda losing her mind over Tinsley and Scott getting engaged and the obsession is stalkerish at this point. Does Dorinda have a tracker on Tinsley that we don’t know about it?!

Dorinda gives a half assed apology to which Tinsley rejects as she only receives it after Andy strong arms Dorinda into giving it. Leah seems to be the only one that had Tinsley’s back and to be a truly happy for her. Dorinda’s obsession with Tinsley is put in the spotlight and for the first time in her history of ‘Housewives‘ I applaud Tinsley for growing some balls and standing up for herself – get it Tinsley! Dorinda won’t let the mouse go (thanks for that expression Sutton) and claims she lost her mind at the finale as she couldn’t stand the thought of Leah giving an homage to the Tins. Dorinda claims Bethenny deserves the credit for bringing in Leah, which Andy quickly corrects, and Tinsley and Leah confirm they started to hang out before cameras were rolling. Dorinda looks a bit deranged at this point and if she wanted to quite while she was ahead, she should have stopped talking about an hour ago.

We move on from Dorinda vs. Tins and move onto diva behavior. We have Lu and the horror of the lower level, Ramona and her “servants” and girls behaving badly with naked women in swimming pools. And with that – the Tins is out and is officially leaving the Big Apple and heading to Chicago for her ‘happily ever after.’

We get a montage of Luann and her year of being ‘Lu and improved.’ The ladies agree that Luann has been more grounded and kind this season and was even able to move on with Dorinda which she wouldn’t have been able to in the past (when she was drinking heavily.) Lu has come to admit that she constantly monitors herself with alcohol and holds herself accountable, and it was heart warming to see her give back to the community. Lu still isn’t a saint as she refuses to pay Sonja for her Cabaret appearances, despite Lu making bank on the act. Luann redeems herself when she gets real (and emotional) by talking about her father who she admits was the man in her life; however still had his troubles. Lu found a way to bond with him after his death as she realized what he must have had gone through as she found herself struggling with alcohol. Lu is clearly more authentic and real this season and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

We move on to Leah and her Jekyll and Hyde personality (hint – the change involves alcohol) and her issues with the more conservative Ramona. Ramona admits that she doesn’t understand Leah as a person; however didn’t appreciate her dancing at her birthday party which seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The ladies agree that Ramona holds Leah to a different standard than the others; however Ramona doesn’t budge on her stance with Leah. Ramona admits that she doesn’t like Leah when she drinks and I admit that she does get a little scary; however all of the other women have the exact same abhorrent drunken behavior, so what gives Ramona? The mental health issues regarding Leah are brought up and Leah (correctly) states that Ramona crossed a line there. Mental issues shouldn’t be outed by anyone other than the person that has it. Despite Leah writing an article about it, she should have been the one to bring it up on the show as it’s her life. The Singer Stinger comes out and trust me, it hurts. Fortunately, the two are about to work out their fake mother/daughter relationships and hug it out (Covid style) with a fist bump.

RHONY reunion part 3 airs next Thursday at 9 PM EST.

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