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RHOBH Recap: Reunion Part 3!

What a season it’s been. We’ve had glam debates, Roman ruins and of course the eternal debate of she said vs. she said. So how will this epic season end?

Well we start reunion part three with Denise caught in a lie as she seemed to forget what she said in her confessional about saying s*it about Teddi. The root of her issue with Teddi is that Teddi blurt out her alleged dirty secret during dinner and she feels that Teddi, being the daughter of a famous father, should know what that could do to her children. Andy grills Denise further about her inconsistencies and at this point (as a fan) I don’t care if they did or did not have a tryst but I do want Brandi to shut up and for Denise to tell the truth and move on.

Someone who doesn’t want to move on is Rinna who is so obsessed with this that she printed out a book of texts and wants to run through them line by line. In the words of Garcelle – WOW…. Denise then shoots back at Rinna saying if she wants to play this game she can also reveal her texts with Lisa and all of a sudden Rinna changes her tune and says that some things are private.  Rinna states  that if Denise came to her as a friend saying that she needed help Rinna would have been there for her; however thankfully Garcelle calls her out on her BS saying Denise could never trust Rinna as a friend after this season.

Fortunately we get a change of pace and Erika gets her montage which includes a lot of Roxie Hart, a little Shakers on the side and some vulnerable moments with her husband Tom Girardi. Erika had a pretty safe and easy season as the rest of the ladies got more heat for getting involved with Erika’s life vs. Erika herself. Rinna tries to make a feud with Garcelle regarding not going to NYC to see Chicago on Broadway and if you haven’t noticed I’m a bit put off with Rinna this season as she seems to have a vicious side to her that isn’t her best look.

The topic of the infamous Aaron Phypers comes up next as the other ladies seemed to have to remind him this season that he didn’t actually have a diamond and wasn’t a staple on the show. Andy invited him to the reunion; however he declined (perhaps he thought Big Pharma would find him?) The ladies make it clear that they felt he was condescending and ‘mansplained’ to them; however Denise insists he was defending her and was just trying to calm the situation.  The infamous hand crushing comment comes up and while Denise brushes it off, the other ladies (including Garcelle) admit that they were worried about Denise after seeing that comment.

We move on from guys to glam, which personally one of my favorite Beverly Hills topics. Sutton (the queen of couture) admits that she has finally learned what Fenty is; however Erika takes the most time getting ready and Kyle takes the least. Despite them all being beauties, I think Dorit takes the crown for being the style queen; however Kyle gets the gold for being the expert shopper.

Unfortunately my love for the topic of glam is short lived and we move on to Rinna and Denise’s failing friendship which was showcased this season. It’s sad to see friends of 20 years toss away a friendship over a reality show – but here we are. Andy asks a simple question to Denise; however Denise needs sustenance to go over how Rinna has changed and needs some snack or protein before answering it. When she returns, Denise states that Rinna has changed for the show; however Rinna states that all she was looking for was a little honesty. Denise clearly knew she was leaving the show at this very second as she gathers her Bold and the Beautiful script, shoes and is ready to high-tail it out of there. Rinna then throws the ultimate low blow by saying Denise can’t call Rinna a bad friend as all you have to do is google Heather Locklear and you’d get a different story. Wow – yikes. Considering Brandi Glanville has been in contact with Heather that’s a pretty ugly thing to say (however you know the gears in Andy’s head are working. Could she be our newest housewife?!?) The ladies 20 years friendship is over as I do not seeing them recovering from this, and all I have to say is – that’s sad.

Well that’s it ladies and gentlemen. What a season and year it’s been. I’ll leave you with Dorit’s on brand (and very appropriate) toast: “May your only pain – be champagne.” 

Cheers Beverly Hills fans!

Thoughts on this season? Who was best dressed for the reunion? Who would you hire/fire for next season?

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