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RHONY Reunion Part 1

We’re in our first covid reunion and only the ladies of the big apple can make a pandemic look so chic. While everyone looks great I personally am digging Leah’s Gothic/lingerie look; however I also have to agree with Andy that Ramona has never looked better.

Ramona is put in the hot seat right away regarding Covid as she comes off ignorant regarding the pandemic as she parades around Florida and dances on Instagram. Dorinda accuses her of partying with the Trumps without wearing a mask while the ladies accuse her of bar hopping without regards to public health safety. If anyone was going to live in an entitled bubble without caring about their repercussions it’s going to be Ramona Singer. #2020

Leah is first in the hot seat and her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona is put on display (give Leah wine and she turns into an entirely different person.) While the general consensus is that Leah has been a great addition to the cast;  Leah has made some changes after seeing herself on camera. Leah reveals that she gave up drinking again; however she has no apologies for her personality or her tattoos (even those infamous wings that came to her in a psychedelic trip.)

You can’t talk Leah without talking hard core drinking, so we are treated to a montage of the out of control drinking the ladies partook in this season. I don’t think even frat boys can keep up with these gals as they aren’t exactly ladies that sip wine. Andy zones in on Dorinda as she is the only one who hasn’t owned up to her partying behavior; however in true Dorinda fashion she deflects her behavior onto Ramona saying that Ramona parties harder than she does. As much as Ramona loves her Pinot – I’ve never seen her as sloppy as Dorinda so that’s a deflection if I’ve ever seen one. Dorinda then goes into insult Ramona by saying she’s not as thin as she thinks she is and continues to deflect questions when the topic of alcohol is brought up.

We get a softer story line with Tinsley and her on again/off again relationship with Scott, which finally ended in an engagement. Tinsley’s relationship with Scott may be a fairy tale for her but for some reason it annoys the rest of the group (specifically Dorinda and Sonja who I think are a bit jealous.) I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be married to the man you love and being a housewife; however the ladies made her feel guilty for wanting that and continue to give her a hard time. Lu and Ramona finally come around and admit that if they met a man who wanted to put a ring on it – they would hightail it out of the Big Apple as well; however Dorinda can’t seem to let her issues with Tinsley go.

RHONY reunion part 2 airs next Thursday on Bravo.

Thoughts on Part 1?

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