RHOBH Reunion Recap Part Two

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Welcome back to the RHOBH reunion (aka the Fox Force Five vs. the newbies.) With news that Denise is now leaving the show, this is going to make this reunion segment all the most interesting.

Fortunately for Denise, Kyle is in the hot seat first and we get flashbacks to her random issue with glam, closeness with Teddi, and yes, even that infamous ragamuffin comment. Kyle blames her outbursts on jet lag which seems a little too convenient as all of these ladies are constantly jet-lagged. Dorit forces Kyle to say that Teddi is her favorite and I have to ask – what the heck took so long? We all knew it to be true. The ladies give Kyle an easy pass as Erika forgives her for saying she has no friends and Teddi naturally also comes to her defense regarding her issues with Dorit. Dorit seems to hold her ground as she states that Kyle hurt her this season and it turns out to be Kyle’s fashion show vs. Dorit’s fashion show (aka the most ridiculous argument this season.) After we glaze over that argument, the whole ragamuffin comes up which Denise let’s roll of her back and I have to give props to Denise as I would be offended. The question is asked ‘ what is too much glam and what is too little’ and while Kyle can’t answer it Andy decides to move on as nothing is resolved.

Rinna is next up for her year in review and naturally, her daughter’s issues come up along with her dancing. Garcelle’s comment is brought up and I don’t see Garcelle’s comment being out of line as she simply questioned it and did not say it caused the eating disorder. Apparently everyone else thought the comment was out of line and even Garcelle backed down saying she had no further comment. Rinna’s parenting style isn’t entirely out of the picture as her comment about giving ahem…certain jobs comes up along with Rinna being happy that she taught them well. Most viewers were horrified but Rinna laughs it off and admits that her photos, comments, and social media should all prove that she loves attention. I give it to Rinna – at least she always owns it!

Teddi’s turn has come and we get an update on baby Dove (who is doing great) and a montage of her pregnancy. The ladies admit that they forgot Teddi was pregnant 90% of the time but Teddi was a trooper and kept on anyways. We also learn that Teddi’s daughter had a traumatizing accident involving the top of her finger getting amputated (yikes.) It turns out the hero of the day was Dr. Paul Nassif who helped them get into surgery right away. I love a good Bravo crossover!

We finally get to the part we all want to discuss: that pesky little rumor about Denise and Brandi that took over this entire season. Andy questions how well Denise actually knows Brandi and Denise states that Brandi texted her and she would occasionally text her back to be cordial. Rinna jumps in guns blazing accusing Denise of lying which brings up the question – why isn’t Brandi here to clarify what went down between them? Denise steps in, to state that she wasn’t going to give Brandi the satisfaction of making an appearance; however, Andy states it was up to Bravo, and at the end of the day after Brandi talked about sucking on you know what – they decided enough is enough.

Stay tuned for WWHL as Brandi will be making an appearance to give her two cents!

RHOBH reunion part three airs next Wednesday on Bravo.

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