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Brandi Glanville Claims Denise’s Manager Threatened Legal Action if Brandi airs Uncut Recordings & Hints She May Have Something on Tape!

Now that we are in reunion season it’s harder than ever for Brandi Glanville to hold her tongue and she’s not happy about it.

The friend of the housewives complained on her weekly podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered that she was “so sick of being unfiltered” complaining that it was “f***ing exhausting.” Brandi went on to say that having a podcast and being on reality TV comes with the expectation that she is unfiltered saying “that’s what your supposed to do and then people send you legal letters and f***ing nonstop bullsh*t which I dealt with this morning.”

Brandi shared that her ex-agent, who represented her for nearly ten years, had recently started representing Denise Richards as of a few years ago. If you recall, during Brandi and Denise getting drinks last season of RHOBH, the two even confirmed that their mutual agent was the one who got them together as he thought they would hit it off. Brandi then stated that she “unfortunately had to let him go during the Denise drama – as he definitely sided with her” and that Brandi was upset about it as the two of them had the longer relationship together. Apparently he recently called Brandi’s manager to let her know that “if the uncut podcast that her and I did together ever airs there would be major legal consequences.” 

Brandi even admitted that she kept recording even after the podcast was over but denies she did it as a way to secretly get evidence on tape. Per Brandi, “I kept recording, I didn’t turn it off. It wasn’t my fault – it wasn’t like I tried to record her and get her into saying all of these things that we just did.” Hm…do we have a Faith/Jax situation here on our hands here!? 

Brandi went on to say that she didn’t have any intention on putting the recording out there; however it wasn’t 100% up to her as “housewives has it.”  Her producer, who was also on the podcast, confirmed that Brandi “gave it to Bravo a long time ago” so at the end of the day Denise’s manager should be talking to them and not calling her. 

Yikes – this could get very messy as if Denise didn’t know that she was still being recorded they may be able to take legal action. Also, my thoughts are if Brandi did give this tape to Bravo a long time ago it may confirm suspicions that Bravo already knew about the hookup and that they brought Brandi specifically back to drop this bombshell. Perhaps we will get some clarification during Brandi’s upcoming 1-1 with Andy Cohen.

The RHOBH reunion part 2 airs tomorrow on Bravo.

Thoughts on Brandi revealing there may be a secret recording? Do you think Denise should take legal action if it is released?

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