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Kyle Richards Explains Why She Called Garcelle Beauvais Out At the RHOBH Reunion For Not Paying Her $5k Donation Plus Garcelle Reacts; Calls Kyle ‘Full of Sh*t’

The drama never ends in Beverly Hills!

During part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion, Kyle Richards accused Garcelle Beauvais of flaking on a pledged $5000 charitable donation.

“You came to my charity event, raised your paddle to donate $5,000 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and never paid,” Kyle claimed. “You were not being genuine.”

Garcelle denied the allegation, clapping back: “That is not true. You better watch what you’re saying.”

After part one of the season 10 reunion aired, Garcelle took to her Instagram Story and explained the ordeal to her followers.

“I want to take a few moments to say my piece if you will,” Garcelle said in a series of videos. “You guys know that I’m a straight shooter, I say it like it is, I try to speak my truth always. I got called out at the reunion of Beverly Hills, saying that I bid for a charity event and did not pay for it. I hope you guys know better than that.”

Garcelle admitted that the donation was initially unpaid due to a simple oversight.

“It fell through the cracks in assembly. I was traveling all over the world last year, and it innocently fell through the cracks. Why wouldn’t I pay for something that I bid?” she noted. “This is my character; this is my integrity. I don’t play around when it comes to things like that.”

“I wanted to set the record straight,” she said. “I know that the show is about drama, but when it comes to who I am as a person, I don’t play around with things like that. There, I said it. And now, let’s go on with the show.”

She later confirmed on Twitter that she paid her donation, writing, “Of course I paid.”

On Thursday, Kyle took to her Instagram Story and clarified why she called out Garcelle at the reunion.

“I would like to address my ‘calling out’ @garcelle at the reunion over her not paying her donation to @childrensla,” Kyle wrote. “To be clear, everyone who made a donation at my event paid THAT night.” 

She continued, “There were multiple attempts to reach out to Garcelle that were left unanswered. My point was to just be genuine. Don’t do things just for the cameras. Whether it is picking an unwarranted fight with me or making a ‘donation’ to a charity that is very important to my family and me. THERE WAS ZERO PRESSURE TO DONATE.”

“Garcelle has since paid her donation, and I am grateful to her and the others that help us raise almost 1/2 a million dollars from that night,” Kyle wrapped.

Meanwhile, Garcelle reacted to Kyle’s Instagram Story and made it clear that she wasn’t buying a word of what Kyle was saying.

“She’s full of sh*t,” Garcelle said of Kyle’s post.

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion airs on September 9

Thoughts on what Garcelle and Kyle had to say? Was Kyle justified in calling out Garcelle at the reunion? Sound off below!

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