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Brandi Glanville Calls Denise Richards ‘Vindictive’; Tells Her To ‘Show Our Texts’ While Insisting The Two Have ‘Unfinished Business’ Plus Accuses Garcelle Beauvais of ‘Acting’ At RHOBH Finale Party

Brandi Glanville is getting unfiltered about the season 10 finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her going drama with Denise Richards.

On the August 28 episode of the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast, the former RHOBH star and her producer/co-host Ryan Tillotson break down everything from Dorit Kemsley’s season 10 finale party to Brandi and Denise’s hookup drama to any regrets Brandi may have, plus so much more!

“How do you feel? Because to me, it seems like all the ladies really believe you,” Ryan asked Brandi.

“Because I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth. they’ve all seen my phone,” Brandi explained before laughing off Denise’s claim that she has an app to alter text messages.

“If you know me, I can barely use my…iPhone,” Brandi admitted as Ryan reminds everyone that Denise threatened to show her text messages. Ryan also points out that it’s easy to delete texts.

“Please do it, show them,” Brandi said of Denise’s threats to publicly share their text messages. “I thought there weren’t any what are you talking about please I beg of you show our texts.”

She continued, “Show our texts, Show our texts, Show our texts, come on, Denise.”

Ryan then wonders aloud: “Why doesn’t she just talk to you? Like why?”

“That’s what I wanted,” Brandi confessed. “It sucks I couldn’t follow it up and have a conversation with her.”

Adding, “I honestly wanted to go to Rome as well.”

Brandi then reveals that she wasn’t even sure she was going to talk about her and Denise’s hookup on the show. However, she explains that once she told Kim Richards about it, it was too late to turn back, saying if she didn’t talk about it, the story would get “misconstrued.”

“I wasn’t going to say it 100% on camera,” Brandi admitted. “Once you tell one person in the group, which I told Kim, you kind of have to – if it doesn’t come out of your mouth, the story is going to get misconstrued. It’s going to be that game of telephone where it’s giant shitshow. So I said exactly what happened.”

She added, “I wanted to follow it up by seeing her, and I told her that. She even said she knew I was going to the party and that’s why she didn’t come because I text her. I said I really need to talk to you.”

Ryan then chimes in: “Maybe you shouldn’t have texted her. Did you know that was going to happen? Like she wouldn’t show up if you text her?”

“No, I thought she was so ‘OMG, this didn’t happen’ that she would want to confront me like she did with Camille last season, and she did with Kyle this season,” Brandi said. “She’s not that person that runs away from something, in my eyes,  so the fact that she’s running away from this, I don’t think she can act her way out of this one. The thing that matters is…the truth hurts sometimes.”

“I would love to have a conversation with her, now that I’ve seen all the things that she’s said…all of her contradictions. It’s hard,” she added.

They then switch topics to Denise, threatening to expose all the texts she has between her and Brandi.

While Ryan wonders if Denise will release all the “different” text messages she claims to have, Brandi insists “there aren’t different texts.” but says, “maybe she has an app for that. Is there an app?”

Ryan says if there is such an app, Denise knows about it but says if not, Denise could “just use photoshop.”

Speaking of photoshop, Brandi says she was a victim of a photoshop prank earlier this week. A doctored tweet claiming to be from Brandi circulated on social media this week. In the fake tweet, Brandi claimed she was returning to RHOBH for season 11 as a full-time Housewife.

Brandi explained: “Someone…photoshopped my name and the checkmark at the top. They tweeted from another account, ‘I got my diamond, back, bitches. I’m coming to housewives.’ I was getting all these texts like ‘Oh, congrats!’”

She continued, “It wasn’t me. They also did it to Teddi [Mellencamp]. Teddi supposedly said, ‘I quit. I can’t handle it.” Brandi says Teddi told her, “‘I’m guessing that someone did the same thing to you they did to me.”

“I did not write that. I would not write that. I have no idea if I’m coming back or not,” Brandi confessed.

The conversation then moved back to the RHOBH season 10 finale episode. Ryan told Brandi, “I liked the therapy sesh with Lisa [Rinna] and Denise because she flat out said ‘you’re lying.’”

“You see her face change from the good Denise to the vindictive – like it’s there,” Brandi said.

“I feel like on these shows you have to honest – you can’t run from it. When you run from things, and she’s been doing that; every time she’s confronted, she leaves, they keep the story going. She’s like we have to put it behind us and get over it, but you have to stay for dinner; have the conversation. Let her and I sit down. You say I’m lying; I say that you’re lying – let’s hash it out, and even if that’s our takeaway, it’s over,” she explained. “You know, so I don’t know, listen hopefully one day I will sit down with Denise.”

The topic then turned to Garcelle Beauvais. Ryan asked, “Have you met Garcelle before that party?”

“Garcelle? Yeah, I talked to her for like 30 minutes at Kyle’s party the first time I was there,” Brandi explained also revealing that she appeared on Hollywood Today Live a few times when Garcelle was a guest co-host with Ross Matthews.

“I did that show a few times. So it was kind of interesting that she’s like ‘Is the tall girl, Brandi?” like she didn’t know,” Brandi admitted, adding, “Are we acting? It was more than a little strange. It was like we’re not acting here – there’s no script. You know who I am.”

Brandi went to reveal that she didn’t even know the finale party was Dorit Kemsley’s party and that Kim told her right before they walked into the event.

“I didn’t even know it was Dorit’s party. I just thought it was the final party. Right before we walk in, Kim goes ‘Uh, you’re my plus one’ and I’m like ‘What? What are you talking about?’ I just thought we were going to our final party and then I was like ‘you are an ass.’”

“Then it was like ‘I would never invite Brandi into my house,’ and I was like I was just coming to the final party. Thank you, Kim. Love you mean it. I mean, whatever it doesn’t even matter anymore.” Brandi added.

“How do you feel about the last episode?” Ryan asked, wrapping up the episode.

“I don’t feel like…I wish I could have gone to Rome. I wish I could have sat down with Denise,” Brandi confessed. “I feel like I have unfinished business. I do think if I would have gone to the reunion, she probably wouldn’t have shown up. Or it’s virtual so easy to walk off – it’s not like you’re in a place; you can walk off camera. So I understand, me not being there. I feel like we have unfinished business.”

The season 10 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres on Sept. 2

Thoughts on what Brandi had to say? Do you think Garcelle was acting in the finale episode? Will Denise ever release the texts between her and Brandi or is she bluffing? Sound off below!

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