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RHONY Recap: No Party Like a Mob Party!

With Beverly Hills over, thank goodness we still have RHONY! It’s Christmas n the city and the ladies are feeling festive as we have a mob party upon us.

We start with Lu and Ramona discussing Dorinda and her severe anger issues that she refuses to acknowledge. The ladies are fed up with Dorinda’s blowups and apologies and it seems that Ramona is losing many of her 50 girlfriends as in addition to Dorinda, Elyse is also off that list.

Meanwhile across town  Leah is getting ready for her 15 year anniversary party and is worried  how these uptown ladies will fare downtown, and spoiler alert, they are fish out of water. 75% of the place is in sweats and big hoops while the ‘wives are in their finest UES furs and sparkles and fringe. While Dorinda is apprehensive about the whole thing, Sonja is in her element as there are  young, single men and she came in hungry.

While Leah’s mom strikes up a sweet friendship with the ladies, it’s Elyse who is the catalyst as she makes a beeline for Ramona clearly looking for trouble. Ramona isn’t having it and claims she doesn’t know her before storming off to get herself a cab to take her back to the UES. We all know that Ramona took one look at that party and was looking for any excuse to leave as soon as she saw what she was dealing with.

The day after the party, Lu is meeting with a ghostwriter to discuss her book that she writing about her life. Lu gets emotional while telling the story of her childhood and I have to say that I’m loving this reflective Luann. Lu recounts sitting in the jail cell with shackles and ties it back to her dad who was arrested for issues with alcohol. Personally I think this soul searching will do wonders for Lu and I’m excited for when the book comes out.

Dorinda’s party is here and she reveals that she is inviting John to her party as she can’t seem to quit him (for what reason? We will never know.) Her party is at a Russian piano bar and for none of them being Russian they seem to be hitting up all the Russian hot spots in the city this season. Dorinda gives one of her legendary speeches, but luckily she does it before martinis so it’s coherent and lovely. It seems to be going well until Luann yells at Dorinda for being on the phone and then we get some of that legendary Dorinda snark that we all know. We end on a high note as the table gives speeches about the lady of the hour but Lu takes the cake for finding a mic and talking for an hour about absolutely nothing.

You know what they say – the episode’s not over until Luann sings!

RHONY airs Thursday’s on Bravo

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