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D’Andra Simmons Says Brandi Redmond’s Racist Video Will Be Addressed ‘Head-On’ During Season 5 of RHOD

Brandi Redmond’s racist video scandal isn’t being swept up under the rug by Bravo.

The network is bringing Brandi’s scandal to the forefront of the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Dallas instead of pretending it never happened at all.

After season 4 of RHOD wrapped, a 2017 video of Brandi reemerged on social media. In the clip, Brandi can be seen and heard mocking Asians.

“Everybody ask me what Asian I am because of my eyes; they squinty,” she said in the clip. The video was released by Steve Kimble, a well known Dallas party-planner and friend of Brandi’s then-RHOD co-star Leeanne Locken.

During season 4, Leeanne came under fire for racist comments she made about co-star Cary Brittingham’s Mexican heritage. The RHOD cast, mainly Brandi, felt Leeanne’s remarks were racist and called her out for them at the reunion.

As for Brandi and her scandal, she publicly apologized and even checked into a wellness center “to reflect and better herself” following the scandal.

“A video resurfaced of me from three years ago, which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted and then immediately apologized for my insensitivity,” Brandi tweeted in January. “I would like to once again, sincerely apologize for my offensive actions.”

Now, according to D’Andra Simmons, Brandi’s racist video will be addressed “head-on” during season 5 of RHOD.

“We will address that first thing head-on. I think that’s very important for the show. We can’t just sweep it under the rug, especially since it was such a big deal for people, and they were very upset about it,” D’Andra tells Page Six.

D’Andra adds that several conversations around race come up during season 5, which is in its last week of filming.

“I can’t really talk about the other cast members, but there’s another reason why we had to do that, as well,” she said. “You’ll have to wait and see [what that is].”

The RHOD season 5 cast consists of returning Housewives Brandi, D’Andra, Stephanie Hollman, Kameron Westcott, and Kary Brittingham.

Tiffany Moon and Jennifer Davis Long are also reportedly joining the season 5 cast. Rumor has it. Tiffany will be a full-time Housewife while Jennifer will be a friend of the cast, but that is mere unconfirmed speculation at this point.

Former RHOD star Cary Deuber is expected to appear as a friend of the Housewives as well.

The Real Housewives of Dallas will return for season 5 in mid-to-late 2020 or early 2021.

Thoughts on this all? Are you surprised the RHOD cast is confronting Brandi’s scandal “head-on?” Sound off below!

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