Let’s Discuss the RHOBH Season 10 Finale Episode: Denise and Desist!

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We’ve made it to the finale of RHOBH and what a season it’s been! We’ve had rumors of some girl on girl action, Roman rumbles and now we have a cease and desist. It’s been a roller coaster ride so how will we cap it off?

Like any good ending to a season of housewives, we have the obligatory party, this time around it’s being thrown at Dorit and PK’s home. We all secretly know that PK volunteered his home so he can secretly get a front and center seat to all the drama. You know if there were a real husbands show – he would be front and center holding that diamond:


With the night of Dorit’s party among us, Garcelle and Chocolate Michael are going to pick up Denise Richards; however poor Garcelle is stood up. She almost looks like a high school girl at a homecoming dance going to pick up their date then getting stood up when she’s all dressed up. I’ve been fair, and even defended Denise all season, so to see her back out like this is disappointing. She’s not doing herself any favors by lying to get out of a party unless she really has something to hide. Garcelle seems to know this as well as she knows how this is going to look for Denise and is sad for her friend:


It turns out it was for the best that Denise didn’t come as spoiler alert: Brandi attended (to the shock of absolutely no one.) We all know that Brandi showing up was just as planned as her being in the car when Kim stopped by Kyle’s. I do have to give props to Dorit who was a gracious hostess even to Brandi who was incredibly rude to her when they met. Maybe Kim should have read the room and brought a different plus one?

Sutton tries to give Brandi some good old southern charm lessons by telling Brandi to do what she wants but be discreet; however, Brandi isn’t having it. Lesson learned? If you don’t want something to be on reality TV, don’t have anything to do with Brandi because she lives for this:


The climax of the entire episode is when Denise and Rinna meet face to face to discuss their dysfunctional friendship and Denise’s shady behavior the previous night. Denise admits that she lied about a family emergency as she didn’t want to see Brandi and have it turn into a Jerry Springer moment. I do agree with Rinna that at this time the cover-up is worse than the crime. If Denise did hook up with Brandi at this point admit it was a mistake and move on. After uncovering her lie, Rinna brings up the cease and desist and the look on Denise’s face says it all: she thought she could control this entire season and she is just now realizing that she can’t. Rinna then gives one of the most memorable lines of the season saying “oooh you’re soo angry.”


For how much they promoted a juicy season I thought it was pretty lackluster and the editing in the finale seemed choppy and off. I will say that the reunion, despite it being virtual, looks 10x better than the finale so at least we have that to look forward to.

The RHOBH reunion will air next Wednesday at 9/8 CST.

Thoughts on the finale?

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