RHONY Recap: Century Sonja

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Hola Nueva York fans! We’re still in sunny Mexico, but it’s anything but sunshine. The ladies are supposed to be on vacation but the only thing they can talk about is who has the most anger issues. Spoiler alert: they’re all pretty unhinged.

Ramona starts things off by sending off an explosive group text trying to get Dorinda to admit that she has anger issues (which she does.) Lu tries to smooth things over; however no one wants to be lectured by Luann as let’s face it – she has no room to talk. Fortunately the ladies settle down in time for their Mexican feast; however unfortunately for the staff they have to serve Ramona and there isn’t a tip big enough in the world to make it worth it. After debating on the proper temperature on red wine, the ladies take petty to a whole new level as Leah is offended she was off the anger management text. Does she really want to be on it? I’m thankful for all the group texts that I’m left off of.

The ladies are heading back to the city the next morning and Leah wastes no time in getting back to work. I’m not familiar with Leah’s brand, MTTM but it seems to be successful so good for her! Leah admits that when she got a taste of success she thought she was going to be bringing in a million dollars; however despite changing expectations she still thinks the skies the limit for her clothing company.

While Leah works on her business, Ramona works on herself as she is seeing a psychiatrist (who just happens to be an attractive man) and Ramona can’t help but flirt with him while trying to work out her issues with men. Am I the only one who thinks that she would have more success with a female psychologist? Fortunately her therapist is patient and remains professional as Ramona unloads her various issues with men and self-sabotaging ways.

Across town, Lu is doing what Lu does best: rehearsing for her Cabaret. Apparently Sonja was supposed to be there as well; however wasn’t informed. Maybe if Lu paid her more she would have made more of an effort to be there? Also working through their issues are Leah and her mom who seem to have one of the most complicated mother/daughter relationships that I’ve seen. Leah is stuck in her teenage years trying to impress her mom and it’s clear that those years had a severe impact on their dynamic. Fortunately there is enough love between them to get through their issues; however Leah’s mom maintains she will never support Leah drinking.

The night of Sonja’s launch is here and the ladies are representing Sonja by Sonja Morgan, even Leah who was sent a dress vs. sweats and a pimp hat. No one is happier about this big night other than Sonja who is ready to prove everyone wrong, as many (myself included) never thought we would see this day. In the spirit of being a good sport, Lu shows up despite being stood up earlier; however wonders if Sonja should stay in her show. Sonja gives a speech on her line and gets emotional when talking about her journey and her girls and I can genuinely say I’m happy for her. Get it Sonja!

RHONY airs Thursday’s on Bravo.

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