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RHOBH Recap: Sex, Lies and Text Messages

Who is ready for some sex lies and text messages? If so – you’re in the right place.

We start with Denise visiting her only ally Garcelle who had her back in Rome, and for that, Denise is eternally grateful. Denise reveals that after a vacation in Montana with as many sweatpants as she wants, she and Aaron discussed the elephant in the room (Brandi) and shocking now Aaron has a few choice words for the ladies. Should we just give him a diamond at this point?! I can only imagine the speech has in store for them next time that he sees this group.

Over at Bucca di Beppo, Dorit is revealing her bit ‘Capri Room’ that is decorated for Teddi’s baby shower. The room is….cute? I don’t think Dorit should quit her day job (or Berverly Beach) as I don’t think she has a future in restaurant decor . Perhaps she should call LVP’s old friend Nick Alain?

At Rinna’s, she and Amelia discuss Amelia’s anxiety and body image issues and naturally, Garcelle is brought up. Amelia nicely tells Garcelle to “eff off” and while I think kids should be off limits, Rinna has pushed her daughters to be front and center of her story line and are adults, so it is what it is. Eating disorders are complicated and not caused by one sole thing, so I don’t think dancing on Instagram caused it; however I do understand Garcelle’s point. Maybe dancing isn’t causing the problem but is it helping it?

Back to Buca de Beppo, Denise calls in sick to the surprise of absolutely no one; however Teddi is surprised that this whole room reveal is actually her baby shower. The ladies have fun for about 15 minutes until Garcelle accuses Rinna of stealing Erika’s thunder, and while I don’t agree with it I actually love anyone calling Rinna out as it seems like no one ever does. After Garcelle exits stage left, Brandi just conveniently happens to “be in the neighborhood” and is ready to stop by. Rome is brought up as soon as she sits down and Dorit grills her on how credible she is as a person. Despite it being Teddi’s baby shower, Teddi’s actual friends have to leave, and it that doesn’t sign this is producer driven, I don’t know what will. #SoAwkward.

Brandi then goes on to reveal that Aaron and Denise have an open relationship as long as it’s with women, only to have Denise later go back on her word (allegedly.) Apparently Brandi left “love bites” on Denise which she let Aaron know were from her corset as he would kill her if he knew. Brandi then hands over evidence (aka her cell phone) and is it just me – but what do these text proves? I call my friends, “love” and “hun” , and no – we don’t have that kind of relationship. Sorry – if she is going to prove they had a hot and heavy affair, I’m going to need a bit more evidence. I totally believe that they are way more close than Denise lets on, but more evidence is needed if there is a secret affair going on. Perhaps I’m just being naive, or is Brandi exaggerating?

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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