RHOBH Recap: That’s not Amore

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Ciao bellas! We are still in Rome, and while it may be a fabulous trip Denise is on standby for the next flight out, so let’s get the scoop while we can!

The ladies are trying to determine who slept with Brandi Glanville and who is BSing. In Denise’s corner we have Garcelle and Dorit and in Brandi’s corner – we have the rest. Garcelle is the voice of reason as she questions why the ladies are believing Brandi (who loves the limelight and is not friends with the group) vs. Denise who is a supposed friend to the ladies. At this point I don’t know who to believe as Denise swore on her mother (which is sacred) although in her talking head she clarifies that she just agreed with what Brandi said vs. saying it herself (technicalities.) I don’t think Denise is being 100% honest but I’m sure Brandi is twisting the truth or exaggerating as we’ve seen it before.

Since things are bad, let’s make them worse by bringing up Rinna dancing on Instagram and how that affects her daughter Amelia and her eating disorder. I don’t think Garcelle was accusing the dancing of being the cause of Amelia’s body issues, but I think she was trying to question whether it helped or hurt the issues that were already there. The ladies are left in tears as the trip has turned very dark between Denise, Brandi and Lisa Rinna. For a Roman holiday this is pretty bleak – can we just all go back to Dolce & Gabbana and buy some crowns?

The next morning the ladies pair up depending who is getting along with who to nurse hangovers and repair relationships. Denise and Rinna meet to discuss their failing relationship and for once Denise holds her ground and stands up for herself. Rinna seems taken aback that Denise is coming for her and ends up in tears after hearing how hurt Denise is. I’m honestly shocked that ‘own it’ Rinna is breaking down in tears for being a sh**ty friend. Clearly there are larger issues here and maybe Rinna has something she needs to get to the bottom of inside herself.

To cleanse the sins of this horrible trip, the ladies decide to go to mass on Sunday while Kyle and Denise see the city on a vespa. Garcelle, Rinna, Sutton and Denise all have some Catholic roots so while in Rome how could they not see St. Peter’s square? Despite the fact that these ladies are major reality stars, at the Vatican they don’t pull a lot of weight and unfortunately are not able to get in as they thought they would be able to. Maybe Sutton should have planned this trip vs. Rinna as she seems to have the planning down to a science.

The ladies reunite for dinner, and Denise is coming guns blazing as she has prepared a speech for the ladies to tell them what she really thinks. Denise thinks that the group has done nothing but attack her and apparently she has waited until tonight to let the ladies know her true thoughts, which is that she thinks this group is nothing more than a group of mean girls. Rinna feels that this is a cheap shot as the ‘Fab Fox Five’ was labeled this last year, however now that it’s out in the open both Garcelle and Denise decide to exit stage left. I have to wonder what made this change in Denise – my thoughts are that she spoke with Aaron who gave her an earful but that’s just my speculation.

We then break the fourth wall again as production begs Denise to stay and warns her that leaving will be a huge mistake. Production is the voice of reason as she begrudgingly returns and the ladies vow to move past this (which will never happen.) Rinna tries to call a peace truce for enough time to enjoy their pizza and shockingly it works. Pizza fixes everything – doesn’t it?

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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