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Pump Rules Stars James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss and Danica Dow Defend Boss Lisa Vanderpump Amid Latest Lawsuit From Former SUR Employee

Several Vanderpump Rules stars are rallying around their boss Lisa Vanderpump.

This comes after Lisa and her husband Ken Todd were slapped with another class-action lawsuit by Olivia Beverly Hanson on behalf of herself and her fellow former SUR employees. The former SURvers claim that Lisa and Ken broke several California labor laws by failing to compensate them adequately.

The lawsuit claims that over the past one to four years, Lisa and Ken “failed to pay workers minimum and overtime wages, provide proper meal and rest breaks, provide accurate wage statements or provide workers with pay stubs at the end of their employment.” 

According to the filing, Hanson worked at SUR from October 2019 to January 2020. She is seeking damages on “wages earned and owed.”

As well as “damages for unpaid wages for missed meal and rest period” and “for gratuities earned but not received.”

Now, James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss, and Danica Dow are defending Lisa and Ken.

“I’ve always taken a break when I wanted and have always gotten paid the correct amount. Even looking back since I was a busboy, it was legit and fair. Been at SUR for years now,” James tweeted on August 6.

Lisa replied to James and thanked him for the support.

“Thanks, darling…too true, stay safe…hard times,” Lisa wrote to James.

Danica also denied the validity of Hanson’s lawsuit, tweeting, “This isn’t true. I’ve never personally been or even heard of anybody not being paid.”

A viewer replied to Danica and asked, “How much is she paying you to tweet this?”

Danica denied the insinuation, firing back, “I wish she was paying me cuz I’m broke, but Nah, that’s not the case lol. Just standing up for my boss because it’s bullshit.”

Oddly enough, Lisa chimed in tweeting, “I see you! Stay strong, darling. We will get back on track soon; I miss all of you sooo much.”

Meanwhile, Raquel tweeted, “This is so ridiculous… Since working as a waitress at SUR for two years have always taken a break when I’ve wanted one and always gotten paid fairly. It has never been an issue. This lawsuit just doesn’t seem right to me.”

A fan tweeted Raquel, “To be fair, is it possible you’re treated differently as a cast member of the show, and not just an average employee? (JSYK I adore you, and I’m in no way saying you’re experience isn’t true).”

Raquel replied, “It might seem like I would be treated differently, but I PROMISE you that is not the case. When clocking in for work, my co-workers and managers treated me the same as any employee, and I received the same hourly rate. The only special treatment I got was from the tables I waited on.”

It’s unclear if Bravo will renew Vanderpump Rules for season 9.

Thoughts on what James, Raquel, and Danica had to say? Do you think more Pump Rules cast members will speak out in support of Lisa and Ken?

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