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RHOBH Recap: There’s No Place Like Rome

Who is ready for a (not so fun) Roman holiday? The ladies of Beverly Hills may be on a European vacation but it’s anything but relaxing as Densie is still in the hot seat and I don’t think ‘Bravo, Bravo, f**king Bravo’ will get her off the hook this time.

We start out with the ladies sitting around after dinner  discussing the rumors and it’s Dorit, Garcelle and Denise vs. the rest of the group. Despite Denise trying to laugh it off she is a flight risk at this point and personally I’m shocked she hasn’t boarded the next plane headed towards LAX.

The next morning not even customized Hunter rain boots can bring the group together despite Rinna and Denise meeting to try and resolve their issues. Denise is upset that her friend of 20 years didn’t give her a heads up of what was to come; however Rinna insists that she just wants to get to the bottom of the story like a designer clad Sherlock Holmes. Denise shares her side of the story and hints that she is getting legal involved, yet denies having an open marriage or cheating on her husband (however conveniently leaves out whether she did or did not hook up with Brandi Glanville.)

Meanwhile, Kyle and Dorinda are meeting in Piazza Navona to discuss their ongoing issues. I hate to give props where props are due, so shout out to Dorit’s chic, Fendi Roman widow in mourning look as I’m living for it. Dorit’s problems with Kyle are deep as Dorit is still offended that Kyle took Teddi’s side last season and didn’t reprimand her for trying to set Dorit up. Dorit admits that she gets along with Kyle 1-1 but not in a group setting; however to be fair isn’t that the same for all of them?

Across town, Garcelle drags Denise out of her hotel to enjoy the city in Ferrari’s and a wine tasting while Sutton takes Dorit and Kyle to Dolce & Gabbana for some casual tiara shopping. I’m getting serious shopping envy; however they really need to stop with the ‘crown’ puns as it is getting old. I can’t decide if I would rather be wing tasting or shopping with a private appointment as both are fabulous. While wine tasting, Denise tries to move on from the affair rumors, but insists that the ladies are addicted to drama and therefore won’t let it go. To be fair, that’s an accurate assessment so they can’t really deny it.

That night at dinner, the ladies are hangry as they wait for Dorit to finish her 90 supermodel glam look; however no one is more upset than Kyle who is anti glam and is making it known. Over dinner we learn that Sutton has serious body issues, Rinna dances nearly naked on Instagram for her mom and Garcelle can throw shade like no other. While things start out nice, the elephant in the room comes up and Denise states that the two met as Brandi wanted to meet her and asked their mutual manager to set up a date. She went on to state that there was a mole in the group spilling secrets to Brandi and that Brandi claimed to have hooked up with women in this group. Side note – no one is buying this Denise, so either show receipts or say nothing at all.

Next week Denise tries to make a dramatic exit from Rome which could be the last time she is seen this season – stay tuned!

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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