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Brandi Glanville Goes on the Attack: Says if Denise Richards was Worried about Hurting her Daughters she Shouldn’t have Hooked-Up with Her!

There’s more drama off screen than on this season of RHOBH..

Brandi Glanville has never been a wallflower but boy is she going for it on Twitter these days. The housewives ‘friend’ recently too to Twitter to attack Denise in a not so subtle way. Brandi lashed out on the Bond beauty by stating: “Maybe if you’re so worried about hurting your children then as a married woman you should not fuck your cast mates and expect it not to get out take responsibility for your part DR” (DR of course meaning ‘Denise Richards’)

Apparently Brandi really waned to get that message out as she retweeted her own tweet (maybe she was taking her own advice and ‘Drinking and Tweeting?’)

Brandi also lamented that she was getting so much negative feedback this season, as she stated: “It’s very frustrating watching rh & People saying they have to consider the source of where the information came from I’ve been known as a lot of things but a liar has never been one of them”

Here’s the thing: I don’t know if this is true or not but even if it is I don’t understand why Brandi decided to air this. She is even admitting in the tweet above this is going to hurt Denise’s family so why do it on the show vs. going to Denise in person? Of course, if she did that we wouldn’t have this entire season of RHOBH (and it’s reality TV) so it goes without saying that it would be public. I think what bothers most viewers is the fact that Brandi tries to look like the victim and complain how she is treated as a result of her actions. There’s sure to be more to come in the Brandi/Denise drama so stay tuned!

RHOBH airs tonight at 9/8 PM CST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Brandi’s tweets? Do you think Denise should just ‘own it’ or do you think Brandi should let it go?

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