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House Guest Cedric Martinez Gives Explosive Interview: Claims Ken Cheated, Lisa Confided in Him about Kissing a Captain and Proves ‘It’s all About the Pasta!’

Wow – something tells me that Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby Ken are going to be making some calls after hearing this.

When we first met Lisa Vanderpump (before she was LVP), she was a business owner who loved dogs, decadence and had a permanent house guest named Cedric Martinez. Cedric started off as a sort of side-kick to LVP; however, after a dramatic exit, he disappeared into the reality TV black hole, until now.

The former house guest recently appeared on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, and boy did he have a lot to say. When asked as to why he finally decided to speak out, Mr. Martinez stated that Netflix recently started to air the first few seasons of RHOBH and felt he would be put in the spotlight again. Cedric said he began to prepare himself for the backlash and decided to speak out against his former parent figures as the contract that forbid him from speaking out had expired. Cedric went guns blazing out of the gates, stating that Lisa had forced him to sign the ‘Housewives’ contract and claimed that he didn’t understand it. Cedric also claimed that LVP was “a dime a dozen in Beverly Hills – I’m sorry to say”  and that before the show, she was a bored, affluent Beverly Hills housewife, which is why she was so eager to sign up.

The piping hot tea came when Cedric claimed that he caught Ken “many times – and he knows that” hinting that this may have influenced what went down when things went sour between them. He then went into a bizarre story proving that when it comes to an LVP restaurant, it’s always about the pasta. After some disputes and incidents with Ken and Lisa, Cedric was eating carbonara pasta at Villa Blanca when the “GM calls me in and said, ‘Ken doesn’t want you to eat the pasta anymore and wants you to eat the staff food like the rest of us.” Oddly enough, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and he went off on Ken, telling him that “I’ve covered your ass so many times” and moved out of their Beverly Hills mansion that same day.

Cedric than began to spill all of Ken’s alleged dirty secrets claiming that he “likes his drink” and that back in the UK, he saw Ken “in the red light district, and all the employees saw him talking to prostitutes.” Another instance came when Cedric was in a London hotel and unexpectedly saw Ken, who claimed he was there for a business meeting. Cedric then claimed that he asked his friend at the desk about Ken, “and sure enough, he was not alone in that room – I will leave it at that.” 

Cedric didn’t stop there and brought Lisa’s alleged trysts into the mix as well. Although he prefaced it by saying he was going to be “100% honest – I do not know if Lisa had any physical, full-on affairs,” He did claim that Lisa Vanderpump had a thing with a captain on a yacht – she told me. Ken got really jealous of this captain on a yacht before they sold it, and I will always remember that Lisa said to me, ‘Oh – Andre (the captain) kissed me. I didn’t want to – but he kissed me with such passion and things I haven’t felt in years! For a fact – I don’t know if she’s had full-on actual affairs, and I’m not standing here today saying that she did but I know that she had a snog or two with the captain – and I would have too because he was hot!” Cedric claimed that no one would have said ‘no’ to that captain, comparing him to Liam Neeson and claimed that this all went down in Monaco.

I don’t know how much is true or not but all I have to say it’s very suspect that Cedric is coming out now, as he may see Lisa as an easy target after last season of RHOBH. As of now, Lisa and Ken have not responded to the interview.

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo. 

Thoughts on this explosive interview? Do you think it’s suspect that Cedric is speaking out now?

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