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RHOBH Recap: Roman Rumors

What happens on a Lifetime set in northern CA apparently travels with you to Rome! Welcome housewives fans. It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for and no one seems more excited than Lisa Rinna who is clearly loving having this piece of hot gossip.

The first night in Rome, the ladies promise a first chill night, however Dorit ends up dressing as a bizarre interpretation of Coco Chanel and the ladies don’t waste any time on the Denise gossip. I really feel bad for Denise as she calls the ladies all excited to be arriving for their Roman holiday while the group smirk and glance at each other knowing what is to come. The fab fox five (or whatever they call themselves) go around to try and get to know each other better and Kyle reveals that Kim caught her having sex for the first time (can we say awkward?) Thank goodness Denise and Garcelle interrupt this story so we don’t have to hear more.

The next morning the ladies prepare for the three main S’s in Rome: Shopping and the Spanish Steps. I admit that every housewives trip gives me travel envy but being in quarantine and seeing the streets of Rome is on a whole other level. Apparently Sutton had travel envy as well as nothing stopped her from getting her Dolce and Gabbana clad self to Rome – passport be damned! Fortunately Sutton came just in time for her favorite Roman sport (shopping) and the ladies spend some serious cash, but none more than Kyle who knows how to drop some serious coin.

After a day of shopping the ladies get ready for dinner, which in true housewives fashion is where the real s*it goes down (Amsterdam anyone?) Sutton softly opens up the arguments by telling Garcelle she was offended by her questioning how she got her money (which is rude to be fair.) The women handle it like ladies as Garcelle quickly apologizes and Sutton accepts. The rest of the ladies should, watch, learn and take notes – that’s how it’s done! Teddi then decides to go from zero to sixty by confronting Denise about her comments regarding her and the other ladies. The ladies quickly jump on it and only Dorit points out that none of the ladies were actually there and Brandi may not be a rock solid source. The ladies then dance around the big secret that is to be revealed before Teddi finally blurts out that Brandi claimed the two hooked up.

Denise originally laughs it off but it quickly turns to tears and ‘bravo, bravo, bravo’ before threatening to quit. I also have to admit that I wasn’t a Sutton fan at first but after revealing she already heard the rumor but chose not to spread it, unlike Teddi, I have to give her some class points for that. After dinner, Denise threatens to calls a lawyer and quit the show to which her wise co-stars advise her to not bother as this is the stuff that Bravo creates a season around.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo. 

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