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Brandi Glanville Dishes on Denise Drama: Claims Bravo Producers had No Idea about Hookup & that Denise ‘Hit it & Quit it!”

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Brandi is free to speak about the alleged hookup with Denise Richards – and she’s sticking to her story!

On a recent episode of her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, Brandi spilled all on the last episode of RHOBH, even getting into her drunken antics and the Denise drama. On her less than stellar party behavior, Brandi states that it was the “Drunkest I’ve been on camera ever,” even claiming she had no recollection of falling or of the concert (even though she was seated in the front row.) Brandi claimed that she got so drunk as she had “so much anxiety going in because I hadn’t seen Denise since we hooked up, I hadn’t seen all the other women in a group in forever. I hadn’t met Dorit.” Brandi even admitted that viewers didn’t see the craziest parts of the night as she “was there to like 4 AM, dragging Kyle around on the dance floor.”

Brandi blamed being drunk on seeing Denise, claiming,I was the most nervous to see Denise because it had been 9 months. Once she found out I was going to be at the party, she was all of a sudden, my best friend and texting me a lot. Before that, it was all ‘I’m just really busy.’ She just basically ‘hit it and quit it.'”

Despite the majority of fans claiming that the entire thing was a setup, Brandi claimed not even the producers knew about the hookup. Brandi stated that she decided to spill the beans after Denise only reached out after she found Brandi was going to be on the show:

“When she found out I was going to be on the show, she was blowing up my phone again and was my best friend again, excited to see me. It was just like this woman is not who she pretends to be at all. She doesn’t like these women, so why not tell them? If you think I’m going to keep your secrets – you’re wrong. After I decided to tell Kim after Kyle’s party, I told her off-camera, and Kim made things clear that I’ve been used. She said, ‘she’s making you feel bad, so you keep her secret.’ She was like, ‘you have to tell the girls before they leave for Rome.’ I wasn’t prepared to look bad still, and I didn’t want to tell anyone. If it comes out organically and it comes from me, I will tell Kyle. I didn’t know Teddi was going to be at Kyle’s – Bravo didn’t now, Kyle didn’t know, Teddi didn’t know.”

Brandi made further shocking claims about Denise’s relationship with Aaron, adding:

“We had conversations about threesomes and bringing girls in – and how they find girls – he 100% knew. He knows I was there, he knew I was sleeping in her bed, and he knows Denise likes girls. Her way of me getting not to tell the public and the women was saying ‘Aaron would kill her,’ it was her way of muzzling me in case they brought me back to protect herself because she doesn’t want anyone to know.”

Brandi didn’t stop there and stated that this was nothing new for Denise, as she claims that Patrick Muldoon (ex-boyfriend of Denise Richards) was also there and assumed the two hooked up:

“Patrick asked after the first night “Did you and Denise hook up last night” When I said ‘no’ he was all like, ‘C’mon Brandi – she was my girlfriend for five years – I know Denise.'”

Despite this tearing them apart, Brandi doesn’t think that this is “anything we can’t get past.” Um…I wonder if Denise feels the same way?! Only in housewives can you spill alleged secrets, say horrible things about your “friend,” then hope that this is something that you can get past together.

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Do you think the two will ever be friends again?

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