RHOBH Recap: Kiss and Tell All

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It’s about to get good RHOBH fans! The B is back and she’s finally ready to ‘mention it all’ about her and Denise. So where do we begin?

Well we’re still at Kyle’s annual white (now black and white) party with Camille vs. the cast of RHOBH. Despite an apology tour, Denise and Kyle seem to be the only one that accepts Camille’s apologies. Perhaps it’s due to their Malibu sisterhood? While Camille exits early, the rest of the ladies party on to the tune of Wilson Phillips while Brandi gets drunk. Brandi gives the most cringe worthy toast of all time toasting surrogacy to Adrienne while slapping Denise on the ass and proposing a throuble. Yikes. Cringe. Someone make Brandi stop before she falls a third time.

The next evening Erika Jaye is hosting an event for her collaboration with Shoe Dazzle where the ladies show up (along with Lisa Rinna looking like a caricature of herself.) While at the party Rinna proposes a trip to Rome to the delight of the ladies (none more than Dorit who is returning to her homeland.) Not wanting to bring it up again, Erika pulls Denise aside to let her know her husband is a buzz kill and suggests she reels him in before Denise finds herself odd woman out of the group.

Across town, Sutton and Garcelle are bonding at dinner when things take an awkward turn as Garcelle grills Sutton on her bank statement, her virginity and ex husband. Up until this moment I’ve loved Garcelle and been skeptical about Sutton but I’m totally team Sutton here – keep it classy Garcelle! Speaking of keeping it classy – Rinna’s daughters have turned into absolute divas as Amelia is apartment hunting. Despite dropping out of school, Amelia’s expectations are up there with those pulling in significant money as she is looking for a doorman, marble and cabanas. Only in Beverly Hills does a $1,000.00 allowance count as ‘doing it on their own.’

Over at Kyle’s, Teddi stops by to plan her baby shower when Kim and Brandi conveniently happen to appear (that’s not producer driven at all…) The topic of Denise comes up (once again convenient) which opens the door for Brandi to spill the beans. Brandi warns the ladies that there are two Denises and there is a side to her that they don’t see. Despite Brandi’s faux protests to reveal the deep, dark secrets of Denise she spills them pretty easily including what she allegedly said about the other ladies. The big reveal is finally out in the open as Brandi confesses that she and Denise hooked up while Denise’s children were downstairs, even alleging that Denise coerced Brandi to do it, promising an extra roll-away bed that never came. It’s pretty salacious as Brandi even said that Denise warned her that Aaron would kill her if he found out and even threatened her. All of this seems set up and producer driven….not sure if I’m digging this story line…

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on 9/8 CST on Bravo.

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