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RHOBH Cast Thinks Denise Richards Runs Away From Conflict; Says Denise Is Not Being ‘Authentic About Who She Is or How She Feels’

Runaway Housewife?

Denise Richards is quickly becoming the runaway housewife as she continues to make a beeline for the exit when any kind of conflict with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars occurs.

So far, Denise, and her husband Aaron Phypers, have left two parties in the middle of heated conversations with the RHOBH cast.

This has led Denise’s co-stars to surmise that she can’t handle any type of conflict. Now, they are discussing just that on the most recent RHOBH After Show.

Teddi Mellencamp was the first to explain why she was so upset by Denise continuing to run away.

“I think for me it was hard because often times we weren’t able to get closure on situations because no matter what it was – somebody would walk or they would leave – it would leave a portion of us to pick up the pieces,” Teddi admits.

Adding, “Mulitple dinners, this year, before anything was even going wrong with Denise, she was the first out of there. She stormed out that night she said, ‘Bravo, Bravo, fucking, Bravo.’ And also, that night in Santa Barbara, she cut the conversation off, and we weren’t able to continue. It’s hard for me because I want to know what happens in the end. I want to have closure.”

Dorit Kemsley, on the other hand, thinks Denise made the situation worse, and drag on longer, by running away and not dealing with it.

“I think everyone in the group really likes Denise; nobody wants to see anyone upset or runaway. I know I’ve been in this group long enough to know that things will continue to go on and on and get bigger and bigger unless you deal with it and put an end to it. And if there isn’t and you don’t deal with it, and you either run, or you just don’t [deal with it], it doesn’t go away. You know that’s the name of the game – it just continues to go on and on. Judging by what Denise was saying, I don’t think that’s what she wanted to happen,” Dorit explains.

Denise “was not going about it in a way to make sure it happen [again],” Dorit added.

Meanwhile, Sutton Stracke says she wasn’t a fan of Denise’s constant fleeing. She also wonders if Denise isn’t strong enough to confront the group.

“Personally, I don’t like fleeing. If I get into an argument with someone and they flee, it freaks me out a little bit because I feel abandonment issues,” Sutton explains but adds, “We can solve this.”

“At Kyle’s BBQ, I didn’t want Denise to leave. She didn’t have reason to be angry because she was just saying ‘I was uncomfortable that ya’ll brought up the threesomes in front of my children,” Sutton continues. “Cool, got it. We won’t do that again. But I wish she would have just said that and then everyone would have been like ‘Okay.’”

As Denise’s constant fleeing, Sutton says, “There’s a certain type of personality that flees if there’s a problem. She doesn’t want to address certain things or recognize certain things. Maybe a little bit of denial about what happened, or maybe she’s not strong enough to confront these ladies.”

Finally, RHOBH OG Kyle Richards weighs in and says Denise was not really being authentic about who she was or how she felt.”

“The thing that happens with Denise she likes to act like it didn’t happen,” Kyle says of how Denise handles issues versus the  group, who likes “to work through it.”

“It’s very unsettling when you have an issue, and someone shows up, and they’re like, ‘Hi’ because it just doesn’t feel genuine and authentic. Like you aren’t talking to any of us. You walked out,” Kyle confesses.

“It would be nice if she hung around awhile so that we could work through these things, but instead, we got this…sort of, ‘Everything’s fine’ and you know, ‘Everything’s perfect’ and not really being authentic about who she was or how she felt,” she continued. “Like if we’re going to build a friendship, you know like the five of us girls…you know, I should say ladies. The five of us ladies have built, you know… you have to work through those bumps.”

She added, “Ummm…we never got to deal with anything because she would always runoff. So, it was like, okay, well, let’s talk about, you know…how you really feel. Like, we’re all dealing with the stuff that’s going on in the group, and it’s frustrating to me that just if she doesn’t like something, she’s just going to like put in her two cents and get out. So, it’s frustrating for me.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on what the ladies had to say? Why do you think Denise runs away from conflict? Could Denise have ended this drama sooner by sticking around? Sound off below!

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