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Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney Feud on Social Media After Video of Elyse Slaine and Leah Slamming Ramona Goes Viral

Oh, the drama never ends for the ladies of the Real Housewives of New York.

RHONY OG Ramona Singer continues to feud with co-stars Elyse Slaine and Leah McSweeney.

Leah and Elyse have taken Ramona to task multiple times this season for her behavior towards them, and the RHONY cast a whole.

However, Elyse and Leah’s drama with Ramona heated up big time after they bashed Ramona in a now-viral Cameo video.

As a result, Ramona got into a heated social media bicker with Leah.

The drama started on Wednesday, June 15, when Bravo fan Heather Anne Foley posted a Cameo video she received from Elyse on Instagram.

“Ramona ‘I’ve got 50 best friends!’ well guess what bitch? Now she’s down to 49 ’cause I am out!” Elyse said in the video. “You want a little tea on Ramona? Wait ’til you hear why she says that she can’t meet a man. Listen to what she says. … I have a friend who wants to give a little tea on why Ramona can’t meet a man.”

Leah then popped into the video and quipped, “She s–-ts during sex!”

Elyse laughed and said, “No, no, no … Alright, well, OK.”

The video then reappeared on several Bravo and Real Housewives fan accounts on Instagram. As a result, Ramona caught wind of the video and denied that the claims made by Leah and Elyse were valid.

“There is absolutely no truth to this,” Ramona commented on BravoHistorian’s Instagram. “These girls are blatantly lying to create fake news in order to try and gain their own fame. It is very sad, immature, and quite frankly mean girl behavior. [They] both have daughters, and Nicole Slaine @nikislaine is a family friend. What example are they sending them … that bullying is acceptable.”

Not surprisingly, Leah clapped back at Ramona’s accusations and called out her “All Lives Matter” mentality while dubbing her a “geriatric Regina George.”

“OK geriatric Regina George, aka miss all lives matter,” Leah said. “Don’t worry about the example I set for my daughter. She has an open mind and heart. Treats all with respect. Doesn’t see people or treat people as “less than.” Sees every race, religion, sexuality as equal.”

She continued, “Elyse was ur actual friend (no idea why). You don’t deserve Elyse. OH, HELL NO BITCH!”

via Instagram/RealHousewivesFranchise

The Real Housewives of New York airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Thoughts on Elyse and Leah’s video and Ramona’s response? Is Ramona the true mean girl of RHONY?

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