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RHONY Recap: Mind your Blue Stone Manners

Welcome back to the Bezerk-shires and if you’re looking for delusional you’ve come to the right place. If you missed last week there is a full recap here but it’s really just a continuation of excess drinking, cabaret feuds and women behaving badly.

The alcohol is flowing bountifully and the ladies argue over whether Luann is using Sonja and who the real cabaret star of the group is. Leave it to Dorinda to take it way too far by throwing Lu’s mugshot in her face after pouring what looks like a full glass of vodka. I admit that Lu is a selfish person for completely using her friend for laughs on the stage, but she doesn’t need her so called friend throwing the mugshot in her face every chance she can get. Lu has enough and storms out with Leah running after her with promises of a pub.

The next morning a very hungover and remorseful Dorinda is trying to make it nice with a breakfast buffet. Perhaps eggs a la francais will bridge the gap? The ladies call Lu to ask her to return for the brunch and use the classic ‘blame it on the alcohol’ excuse which shockingly works. Apparently Rose all day is not the way for these ladies and I’m a little put off that so much bad behavior is just swept under the rug. Can we get Len her own confessional and get her two cents as to what she witnessed?!

Dorinda thinks that a packed schedule will keep the ladies happy so buses everyone out for a day of shopping where Lu meets them. The ladies reveal that they are giving Dorinda a pass as they visited Richard’s grave earlier that day which they think deeply affected their hostess. Speaking of glossing things over, Sonja and Luann just pretend like they never had a huge fight and Sonja seems to withdraw her pay raise request with all being resolved. I’m not complaining that these ladies are moving forward but when you get drunk, say horrible things then act as if nothing happened, you know that’s going to be rinsed and repeated next time the alcohol comes out. I’m not buying that all is fine and it’s only going to take a few bottles of wine for that to show.

After a day of tasting cheese, Ramona does the ultimate guest faux pas and clots the toilet. Not wanting to upset the hostess again, Ramona recruits Leah to help her; however is unsuccessful in her efforts. While Sonja enjoys a luxurious bubble bath, it takes three blondes to unclog the toilet and even then they seem to be unsuccessful. Fortunately we get some glamour with a dinner party designed by the amazing Colin Cowie and a cameo by former RHONY Healther. I will say the dinner looks incredible and it’s probably the most successful dinner party in the history of Blue Stone Manor as no one ends up in tears. Instead of yelling and tears we get some drunk dancing, bumping and grinding and some girl on girl kissing. The poor bartender had no idea what he was getting himself into but all in all it seems like a great party. Props Dorinda!

RHONY airs on Bravo at 9/8 CST.

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