RHOBH Recap: Black Ties and White Lies

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I think we can all agree that last week’s episode of RHOBH was ho hum but think week the B is back and where she goes, rumors start.

Let’s start things out in a calm manner in Malibu with Kyle visiting Camille. Kyle is weary as Camille tends to have split personalities between Twitter Camille and in person Camille; however is open to meeting as the two have a long history together. Camille felt ganged up on last season; however Kyle simply didn’t agree with what Camille said yet the two decide to move forward in their friendship. This is obviously producer driven so that Camille has a reason to get screen time in a less awkward manner; however we will just leave it at that. Speaking of awkward frenemy conversations, Denise and Lisa are meeting for fries (side note: Denise is a true mid-west girl who eats potatoes as a main course, same here!) and Denise calls out Rinna for being a disloyal friend. Rinna completely flips it on Denise saying that Denise needs to take responsibility and calls her hostile and angry. Denise responds by telling Rinna how hurt she is that her supposed friend of 20 years didn’t have her back when it came to her kids, but at least she knows what type of friend Lisa Rinna is at this point.

The annual white party is upon us but this year it’s going to be the annual black and white party. Dorit stops by to help out with the party (similar to what she did with the fashion show) however instantly is put off when she hears Camille is coming (aka ‘the snake.’)

At least Garcelle seems to have good friends as she seems to have a phenomenal group of girlfriends that have her back and support her. Garcelle is at a business meeting; however much to her dismay they have turned her script into a bad Lifetime movie on steroids. Garcelle admits it took awhile for her to speak up and defend her opinion; however in her 50’s she is going to stand her ground and say her two cents. I find Garcelle refreshing and opinionated and hope she doesn’t change while on housewives as we’ve seen it happen to other ‘wives before.

The ladies look lovely for Kyle’s black and white party; however Dorit takes the cake as I’m digging her chic/Beverly Hills flapper outfit. While getting dressed, Dorit fills in PK and asks him to instruct Aaron on how to go from hated housewives husband to a wallflower husband like the rest. Also looking fab is Elise who is attending the party and gets filled in on the whole Denise/Aaron scenario as she knows the couple personally. The ladies agree that if Denise would just stay and discuss the problem it would end (along with keeping Aaron out of the women’s drama.) At this point why is Denise even bringing her husband around – she has to know how it will end, right?

Kyle’s party is here and like any good hostess she is a bundle of nerves and running around trying to ensure everything is perfect. While the pool is blue, auction items are jaw dropping, all anyone cares about is that Camille Grammer is making her debut. Rinna doesn’t waste anytime telling her what she thinks of Twitter Camille to her face; however Camille gives it back as quickly as Rinna dishes so it looks like Rinna may have met her match. Also making her debut is Kris Jenner who donated Kylie Cosmetics so the merging of RHOBH and KUWTK is pretty epic for any reality TV lover. Despite Kris making her debut it pales in comparison to Brandi Glanville making a comeback, especially since we all know what drama she is going to be.

Denise and Aaron come in looking scared as hell as Denise is just preparing for the other shoe to drop (which of course it does.) Brandi comes on strong making a beeline for Denise, even taking her by the elbow and showing her her seat like she’s her date. Denise definitely looks uncomfortable; however fortunately she has an auction to distract her. Can I just say the auction comes off a bit cheap? We know how much money is in that room and the fact that a Mexico vacation went for $5K seems a bit cheap to me…thank goodness for Garcelle for bidding on it! Dorit nabs a more expensive golf retreat for $17K which is what you would expect a luxury Beverly Hills auction to go for.

Next week we have Brand booty slapping Denise and admitting to Aaron she was a thruple relationship with them. Stay tuned housewives fans!

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo at 9/8 CST.

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