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RHOBH Recap: Until We Leave Again

Welcome back Beverly Hills fans! We are (finally) reunited and it feels so good. It’s been a long three weeks but we have a lot of drama to cover so buckle up. We left off with Aaron vs. the ladies of Beverly Hills and of course the promise of an alleged affair between Denise and Brandi lingering in the air, so where to begin this week?

Well, we have Denise storming out with Rinna running after her ; however Denise feels this isn’t the time nor the place to talk to her former friend of 20 years so declines to engage in conversation. Denise makes her grand exit with the promise of leaving the children’s party for a steak and a strip club leaving the ladies with plenty of material to discuss. Rinna (who is supposedly Denise’s friend) runs to let the ladies know Denise is a hypocrite and is leaving to see strippers, and while I do think it’s weird AF, I also don’t think Rinna can claim she is Denise’s friend at this point. The ladies won’t let Denise and Aaron have all the fun as they then turn the tepee into their own strip club, so maybe Denise and Aaron should have just stayed and saved their money?

Across town, Kyle and Kim are hanging out and are on good terms (for the time being) and are celebrating in the most ‘Beverly Hills’ way possible by going to the plastic surgeon. Kim is the definition of body positive, as she has no problem stripping in front of not only the doctors but the camera as well, much to Kyle’s horror. It is nice to see these two getting along, and I have to wonder how long this will actually last (especially with Brandi Glanville joining the mix soon.) Also having family time is Denise and Aaron who are teaching their daughter Sami to drive. Despite Aaron being a complete jerk when he’s around the ladies, he does seem like an amazing step dad so maybe he should stick to that and leave the fighting to the ladies.

If family time isn’t your thing, there is always Rinna in a thong twerking to a machine, while professing her love for fame. It’s a bizarre scene but I couldn’t help but laugh at Lisa trying to have a serious conversation with Erika about the theater while hooked up to this booty lifting contraption. I do think even Erika was shocked at how honest Rinna is about her obsession with fame, but she admittedly has no shame in her game, this is the woman who said she would do anything for a buck!

While Lisa’s scene is humorous, Kyle is feeling dark as she has to go to the hospital for her sister’s surgery. Going to the hospital brings back sad memories for Kyle and her family as her mother passed away of breast cancer and it’s a heart wrenching scene. I do think that some of Kyle’s anxiety is due to her experience with her mom as she openly discusses how that time of her life made her feel and how that feeling will come back to her when seeing doctors. I feel for Kyle and am just happy that Kim’s surgery went well and that Kyle could be there for her sister.

The ladies reunite again for Sutton’s store event and the hot topic is that Aaron will be attending as well. Has Denise learned nothing or is Aaron trying to get a diamond at this point? Leave the husbands home – no man wants to look at hand carved stone Italian rings. A very nervous Denise and a very annoyed Aaron arrive and are instantly the hot topic and bring awkward energy. Erika jumps right in with two feet and confronts Aaron about talking down to the ladies which he does not take kindly to. Erika accuses Aaron of the dreaded mansplaining to the group of women and for acting ‘holier than though’  which mortifies Denise. The couple then storms out as quickly as they enter and fortunately she has Dorit in her corner who attempts to give them etiquette on Housewives 101.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on the comeback episode?

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