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RHONY Recap: Eat, Drink and Be Scary

As a reward for staying inside, wearing masks and social distancing Bravo has (finally) blessed us with a new episode of RHONY! Bear with Bravo production, as the new quarantine confessional are a little rough; however I’m happy with any new content as admittedly I’ve been watching reruns on repeat.

It’s Halloween in the Big Apple and while the ladies are looking for a Halloween costume Ramona is still looking for love. Ramona is meeting with Rori the matchmaker and even though she’s desperate for a man she’s not ready to settle. The women have had enough of Ramona being Ramona and that includes Elyse who I thought was her ride or die. I’m most confused as to why this is now a story line as Ramona has always been Ramona and at her age she’s not going to change.

Across town, Dorinda is meeting her chic daughter Hannah and next time I’m in NYC I plan on having lunch with Dorinda. The girl knows how to order a lunch and I’m down with it. Hannah and Dorinda have a close and sweet relationship and Hannah gives her mom a pep talk which brings Dorinda to tears. I love this side of Dorinda and which we got to see more of it vs. the slurring, martini swinging housewife that we usually see. Hannah reveals that she is more proud of her mom now that she is single vs. when she was married to Richard which she misses terribly. I don’t know if it’s her breaking up with John or a life crisis; however Dorinda seems to be pining for her past a lot this season and it seems the only one that can get through to her is her daughter.

Speaking of relationships from the past, Leah is having dinner in China town with her daughter Kiki and ex Rob. This trio seems like a very well adjusted modern family and whatever they seem to be doing is clearly working for them. Leah’s family comes up and it’s obvious that there are a lot of complicated feelings between Leah and whatever happened between her and her parents during her teenage years. Despite Leah’s mother being hard on her, everyone seems to agree that Leah needs to respect her and start making repairs in their relationship as time is precious.

The day of the Halloween party is here and despite the setup being creepy AF it looks great; however I’m definitely getting Stassi Schroeder vibes. The ladies look amazing and go all out, including Sonja who is already lit before even getting in the car. Once she arrives, she uses her little voodoo doll as a prop to demonstrate what she would like to do to Ramona. Elyse takes it as her cue to go in at Ramona as well and the ladies have clearly been planning on what they were going to say to Ramona as it came off as very planned. Perhaps with Tinsley leaving they needed someone new to target?

The drunken festivities continue with a wasted Sonja and tipsy Leah going head to head (so basically it’s crazy vs. crazy at this point.) Someone who could use a drink is Ramona who can’t catch a break this dinner, including one of Dorinda’s infamous (and cringe worthy) speeches. Ramona can be a nightmare but this speech was completely uncalled for and at this point I am feeling bad for Ramona (which rarely happens.) Things go from bad to bizarre as a drunk Leah ruins the prized seafood tower while she encourages Rob and Sonja to hook up. Maybe next time the ladies should wait until the party to start drinking?!

RHONY airs Thursday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on the episode? Was it worth the wait?

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