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Randall Emmett Reveals Lala Kent Originally Turned him Down – Plus, Talks about Being a Fan of VPR Before Meeting the Cast!

Looks like it was not love at first sight for Lala Kent and Randall Emmett! Despite the two being in love and engaged to be married, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for this couple. For years, we only heard of Lala’s mysterious “man” who was accused of being married at the time of them dating. Randall’s refusal to appear on the show didn’t help the rumors, and it wasn’t until he started to befriend the cast and make appearances on the show did the accusations begin to die down.

Now that Randall is a regular on the show, he is beginning to gain popularity with fans and is even revealing more about his relationship with Lala. Appearing on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Rand reveals that while he was instantly enamored with Lala, he had to work a little harder to gain her attention. Speaking with David, Randall states:

“We walked into SUR and I saw her and I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s that new girl! That’s that girl Lala!’ And I said to the head of my company, ‘Go ask her is she in the business, what does she do, try to get to know her,.’ So he went up to her and she looked over at me and she was like, ‘That little guy over there — not for me’ but she said ‘If you ever wanna talk business, talk to my manager.’ So I went to lunch with her manager and we were talking and hit it off … we were just talking about creative stuff. I always tell her I felt a connection out of the blue, she felt like her manager didn’t even exist when we were at this lunch.”

Rand was clearly a fan of the show before meeting her, as he knew who she was and admitted that he was “enamored” and “whipped” almost instantly by the blonde beauty. Admitting that he was a bit of a super fan of the show, Randall stated that finally meeting the cast and Lala’s friends was a big deal to him. Other than Lala, it seems he was most excited to meet Jax as he states:

“I thought it was HUGE meeting Jax because we were all such fans! I think for reality TV it’s like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Jax Taylor!’ who crushes the first four years of that show. Now he’s married and trying to have babies but … I think I was overwhelmed.”

I admit that I didn’t think this couple was going to last; however after seeing them together I do think they compliment each other. I’m sure that at first Randall’s attraction towards Lala came from being such a fan of the show; however it seems that they are a solid couple and surely their relationship has evolved with everything that they have gone through together. Despite them having to postpone their wedding it’s clear that these two are committed to each other as Rand has even embraced the spotlight for his fiancee.

Thoughts on Randall’s comments? Are you surprised that he was such a fan of the show before dating Lala?

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