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Scheana Shay Reveals that she Suffered a Miscarriage After what she Describes was a ‘Miracle’ Pregnancy

Tragic news for Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay. The reality star got very personal on her Friday podcast and revealed that she had recently miscarried after learning that she and boyfriend Brock Davies learned of her “miracle” pregnancy a few weeks ago.”

Scheana admitted that she was shocked at the new of her surprise pregnancy as doctors previously told her “it would be close to impossible to get pregnant on [her] own.”

“I didn’t think that I could get pregnant on my own. My AMH levels, for those of you who know what they are, were 0.28. That’s basically your fertility levels, and that tells you your egg count. I have very low ovarian reserve.” She realized she was pregnant when she was nauseous after celebrating Brock’s birthday, originally thinking it was due to the drinks they had to celebrate. After learning she was pregnant, Scheana was shocked but thrilled, even planning to tell her own dad on Father’s Day. Sadly, Scheana began bleeding over the weekend, indicating that something was wrong.

After going to the doctor, an ultrasound revealed that “there was no heartbeat” and “nothing progressing or growing inside” her uterus. “There were parts that he could see where [the fetus] was starting to form and it just didn’t,. So obviously, [it was] just devastating. We were so excited. To be excited for a few weeks and then it’s gone so quickly. It’s still been a lot to process.”

“Now I’m at home and I’m just waiting to naturally miscarry. I have to go back to my doctor this week so he can do another ultrasound. Because now I’m just literally sitting here waiting, feeling normal but still treating my body as if I’m pregnant, which is a complete mindf— because I know there’s nothing progressing but there’s still something there and I haven’t passed it yet.”

My heart goes out to Scheana. To get so excited, only to find out that devastating news must be painful to process. Not to mention we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so sitting at home all day can’t be helping her grief.

We are sending our love/thoughts and prayers to Scheana.

Thoughts on Scheana getting personal on her podcast?

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