Does Vicki Gunvalson Blame Steve Lodge for Being too ‘Boring and Conservative’ as the Reason for her Getting Fired?

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Love her or hate her, Vicki Gunvalson will always be the OG of the OC. After fourteen years on the hit show (and setting the record for the longest running housewife) Bravo officially let Vicki go; however that doesn’t mean she’s going quietly.

On a recent episode of Whoop it up with Vicki, Vicki spoke with special guest David Yontef, host of the popular reality podcast Behind the Velvet Rope.

Speaking of being let go from the show, Vicki was clearly upset, stating that she was an ideal employee and had never been let go of any job in her lifetime. Vicki lamented: “I got fired. I don’t get fired – I fire people.” Pondering why she was let go, Vicki was puzzled and wondered if her relationship and engagement to Steve Lodge was the real reason that she was not asked back. During the podcast, Vicki commented:

“Steve came into my life four years ago and I became happy and content – not a lot of drama. Do you think the producers and Bravo thought my life was too normal now?” Steve, who was also on the show, chimed in stating: “You are not normal. If you had a camera following you around everyday it would be the #1 show in the nation.” Vicki then shot back adding, “Steve’s on the boring level, he’s not a ‘whoop it up’ kind of guy.’ You don’t know how to ‘whoop it up’ I’ve tried to teach you. I think Bravo might of thought of him as ‘he’s bringing Vicki’s personality down.'”

Steve didn’t sit quietly as he commented on the network, stating that they “don’t like conservatives.” Vicki admitted that I might have blamed him a couple of times. I thought ‘You’re the reason why, because you’re not controversial.’ He plays a very safe lane, and I love that about him, but it may not be very good for TV. That’s okay – it is what it is.”

As the conversation continued, Vicki denied that she is blaming Steve for getting fired however at the same time added “I think he’s very very safe lane and very conservative and that doesn’t bode well with a very liberal network. Steve is very vocal about his political viewpoints and that may not have been very good for me.”

Vicki clearly has been pondering this theory for quite some time as she later addressed Steve, adding: “I think Steve, if you knew how to ‘whoop it up’ more and stayed in the middle lane, I would still have a job.” Steve later commented that he thought Vicki had given Bravo “the keys to our relationship. If they want us to break up – they’ll put you back on the show.”

Steve sounds like a very grounded and reasonable man as he was calm, cool and collected throughout the entire conversation. Whatever the reason Vicki wasn’t asked back, you can’t deny that she continues to make headlines despite no longer being on the show.

Thoughts on Vicki’s comments? Do you think her engagement to Steve had something to do with her getting fired?

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