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RHOBH Recap: Mind your P’s and BBQs

Get ready Beverly Hills fans – it’s about to get crazy in the 90210!

We start out this episode with a good old fashion family BBQ; however in true Beverly Hills fashion all that glitters is not gold. Before we get to that, Garcelle finally gets some of that spotlight as we’ve barely seen her yet this season so all I have to say is it’s about damn time. The ladies are getting together for Garcelle’s event where she is being celebrated for her charity work. On the way over, Rinna fills Garcelle in about the Santa Barbara drama and Garcelle sides with Denise that adult conversation and kid talk are two separate things – preach Garcelle!

The event is lovely and is even hosted by Nick Cannon; however it’s the beautiful Ali Landry that introduces Garcelle to the stage. Garcelle gives a touching speech about paying it forward, and even more moving talks about her son’s struggle with drugs and how it affected her charity work. The speech is short and sweet; however Garcelle ends it by doing a complete 180 and shading Kyle at the end. It’s clear that Kyle is the one she is referring to and although it came off as a funny joke you know this is going to be a major issue later on.

Denise and Aaron are out in Malibu on a date night to discuss what is going on with the ladies and Aaron seems to be super interested in the drama. I’m all about supporting your wife, but I get a feeling like he is a little PK-ish in the sense that he secretly loves getting involved in the ladies’ drama. Out of everything that was said, Denise revealed that what hurt her the most is that that her friend of 20 years Lisa Rinna tried to humiliate her. Denise brings up a valid point – if Rinna had always felt like this she had 20 years to bring her issues with Denise up.  The duo end their date night by agreeing that they will not bring the kids to Kyle’s and after everything that was said to Denise, that’s their prerogative.

Kyle’s kid party is cute but Denise and Aaron arriving sans kids sticks out like a sore thumb. The ladies automatically ask about Denise’s girls to which she claims had other play dates; however it quickly comes out that Denise really doesn’t want them around these girls. Naturally, the ladies take quick offense to this; however no one seems more upset than Teddi who won’t let it go. Aaron steps in to defend his wife and obviously he has never watched the Real Housewives as husbands getting involved never (ever, ever) goes well. Maybe Aaron should just stop talking in this group as between being followed by cars and this conversation – I can assure you it’s not a good look for him.

Hundreds of F bombs later, Denise and Aaron storm off and we get the infamous ‘don’t say a word – we’re on camera’ scene (including Aaron getting annoyed with Denise for telling him to shut up.) All I can say is that things are going to get messy from here – stay tuned.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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