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RHONY Recap: Hurricane Leah

Forget Hurricane Bertha, it’s Hurricane Leah we need to look out for this episode. The ladies are heading to Newport (aka the Palm Beach of the north) and you know Palm Beach in this group brings nothing but craziness.

Dorinda arrives early and the ladies are warned that it’s the anniversary of Richard’s death so everyone has to be extra sensitive around her. On the way to Newport, Leah attempts to invite her sister and baby niece; however is quickly shut down by Ramona who is sure to make this a no newborn trip. Upon arriving, the ladies drink, eat and are merry (minus Leah who is bummed about Pita Chip) however when Ramona allows Leah’s sister to come for dinner, she perks up.

While the ladies enjoy their beautiful accommodations, Ramona wants to rescind the offer to have Leah’s sister come and all I can say is who the hell cares. Let her come and drop the back and forth as it’s annoying. Unfortunately, Leah is already drunk which isn’t going to help her case as no one likes a drunk Leah. Leah shows up to the clambake drunk and decides she needs two more shots to keep that good feeling going. Fortunately, I don’t see any tiki torches in site; however Ramona better keep an eye out for her twinkling lights.

Dinner looks lovely minus a drunk Leah who refuses to sit in her seat and act like a proper Newport lady. The only good thing about Leah getting drunk is she may not even remember when Ramona attempts to un-invites her sister (once again.) While Tinsley and Dorinda attempt to work out their problems, Leah provides some comic relief for everyone by acting like a drunk lunatic while being dragged across the lawn. Leah goes from drunk to crazy drunk when Ramona breaks the news about her sister which leads her to destruct the decor. Instead of the lights it’s the flowers, tent and chairs that need to look out for themselves. Apparently crazy in this group works as her sister ends up being invited (again.)

The morning after, shockingly Leah is not hungover yet doesn’t remember anything from the night before (until she sees this episode.) The ladies break up into two groups: Elyse, Ramona and Sonja who think Leah should apologize for her actions and the rest who know they have absolutely zero room to judge. Elyse seems the most appalled of all as she questions Leah on the example she is setting for her daughter which sets Leah off. Between RHOBH and this episode, can we please stop bringing up hypothetical situations regarding the kids? Leah was crazy but I don’t blame her for getting upset with Elyse after this comment.

RHONY airs Thursdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on hurricane Leah?

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