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Kyle Richards Believes Denise Richards’ Problem With Her Stems From Off-Camera Chats With Former RHOBH Stars

It’s no secret that Kyle Richards regrets calling Denise Richards a “ragamuffin,” but she also believes there more to the story and wonders why Denise, all of a sudden, has issues with her.

“I had never argued with Denise until this whole thing happened,” Kyle, 51, told Us Weekly. “Honestly, I think there were some conversations happening off-camera with perhaps some former Housewives, is what I’m thinking.”

“Up until this season [Denise] has always been like, “I’m not into glam. That’s not my thing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,’” Kyle revealed. “Then we arrived at her party, and she was late because she’s having hair and makeup done for her pizza and ice cream party. And then the diamond ice sculpture and the diamond ice cubes, I was like, ‘What’s happening here? This is not the Denise that I’ve gotten to know.’ Then when she started defending the glam, I was like, ‘Oh my God. No. No one’s being authentic right now.’”

Kyle added that the situation was making her “crazy.” However, she does regret calling Denise a “ragamuffin.” 

“My mom, when I was a kid, and I would run around not having my hair brushed, she’d say, ‘Don’t run around like a ragamuffin,’” she explained. “So I just said that. The word itself makes me laugh. I didn’t say it in a nice way, but the word in itself was just a ridiculous word.”

“Going down memory lane with this #ragamuffin,” she quipped on Instagram. “Just a few covers to share for #tbt.”

Kyle apologized in the comment section of Denise’s Instagram post.

“Denise, you are absolutely beautiful. There is no doubt about that,” she wrote. “I was exhausted, emotional & felt everyone was coming at me. I got upset because I thought you of all people would get what I was saying because you yourself say you don’t get the glam thing and just wear a messy top knot. So I didn’t get the sudden change. With that said, I still regret that comment and was not the best version of myself that night. My apologies.”

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Thoughts on Kyle’s comments? Which former RHOBH star do you think Kyle believes Denise has been talking to?

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