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NeNe Leakes Says She’s Still Undecided About Returning To RHOA For Season 13

The reigning Queen of the Real Housewives of Atlanta may be giving up her crown for good.

NeNe Leakes tells PEOPLE she’s isn’t sure she’ll be returning for season 13 of RHOA.

While NeNe denied past rumors that she was planning to leave RHOA, she now admits that she’s on the fence about her position on the franchise.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know,” NeNe confesses. “I go back and forth with it every day. I feel like it’s a big conversation I need to have with the network and with production. Because if they value their talent in some sort of way, then we need to talk. We need to come up with some sort of compromise here.”

While NeNe was able to mend her friendships with Cynthia and Porsha, the same can’t be said for the rest, especially Kenya. NeNe and Kenya went head to head several times throughout season 12 and almost got into a physical blow during the cast trip to Greece.
NeNe also found herself at odds with Kandi and Eva at the season 12 reunion, which ultimately led to her leaving the virtual reunion early.

“I’m still human,” NeNe says. “It’s not okay, sitting and being attacked over and over by the same people about nothing. It stresses me out. I am sensitive; I am. If that’s all these girls have the time to do, then production needs to get some new people on the show. Because why are you guys still focused on me over here? Why do you bother me like this? Leave me alone, child. Let me just be over here by myself. Why do you bother me like this? It doesn’t make sense. Why do they argue with me every time they see me?”

“You want to see if you can break me or not? You want the throne? It’s not going to happen. They ain’t going to be able to have it. It’s not going to be able to work. It’s impossible, honey,” she adds. “So I would just say we cut it out. It’s too much work.”

This isn’t the first time NeNe has found herself in limbo when it comes to her role on RHOA. According to NeNe, she missed the first few episodes of season 12, which began filming in Summer 2019, because she was still negotiating her contract with Bravo. At the time, NeNe was unsure if she wanted to return or not.

“I was really skeptical about what I was going to do,” NeNe told PEOPLE in November 2019. “I really didn’t know what I was going to do; I really didn’t. I had one foot in and one foot out.”

“My pain is often misinterpreted,” NeNe explained. “I’m not one of those people who actually express how I feel a lot. I keep that inside, and a lot of [my costars] know that. But I do believe that because somebody is louder or moves more boldly, a lot of time those are the people who always get the finger pointed at them. And honestly, that’s always the case with me.”

As for season 12, NeNe feels that Kandi, Eva, Kenya, and Cynthia were all in an alliance to take her down.

“You can see it if you watch the reunion,” she says. “Whenever I get asked a question about Kenya, you’ll see Eva and Kandi and Cynthia all jumping in — not in my defense, in defense of her. That’s her alliance. And they can do whatever they want to do; I just want viewers to see and get it.”

NeNe says that kind of support is VERY different than the support she gets from Porsha, Marlo Hampton, and Tanya Sam.

“It’s very different!” NeNe says. “I don’t have anyone jumping in and defending to me. Me and Porsha weren’t even talking for half the season. Marlow and Tanya haven’t protected me in that way at all. There was a time in the season where Porsha was saying all these negative things about me and Marlow, and Tanya were not saying, ‘Oh, that’s not true. Or she’s not that way.’ You know?”

“I feel like I’m always over here on this little island by myself,” she laments. “But at the same time, they say, ‘I’m not as fabulous as they are. I don’t make as much money as they do. I’m not in as many episodes as they’re in. I’m not as pretty as they are.’ Yeah, but I am the one that they all seek to talk about it. So all of those things that they say that I’m not, I am!”

Ultimately, NeNe wants to get to a better place with all the ladies – including Kenya.

“I don’t have a problem with filming with her. I just don’t have anything to say to her,” NeNe says. “There’s nothing that I need to say to her because I have said all that I need to say, I have made apologies. I’ve extended olive branches. And she don’t deserve it, but I did it anyway. Somebody has got to be the bigger person. So I’m not engaging. She wants to keep the arguing going on for as long as she can. But what are we going to keep up? We look stupid now. We don’t have a reason! So I have another thing coming for that, sister. The door is closed, sweetie.”

Part 3 of the three-part RHOA season 12 reunion airs on Sunday, May 24.

Do you think NeNe will be back for season 13? Do you think Bravo will give NeNe a raise or spinoff to return for season 13?

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