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RHONY Recap: How Ya Like Them Apples?

Whose ready for apple picking and wine tasting? The ladies of NYC are heading to the country this episode and if we know anything about housewives trips it’s that there will be too much to drink, lots of tears and yelling. Same plot, different scenery.

The main beef this episode seems to be between Dorita (Martin’s word not mine) vs. Tinsley. Tins is preparing for the battle by boxing with Martin while Dorinda insists that she is not obsessed with Tinsley (while talking nonstop about her.) The ladies think the issue is most likely with Dorinda than with Tinsley as while you may not like Tins – she’s not instigating anything. The real root seems to be that Dorinda unhappy in her relationship with John as the two seem to be more of drinking buddies than equal partners.

While Dorinda and Tinsley are battling, Leah and Lu have a strong bond based on their mug shots (and not their taste in NYC apartments.) The two do have a lot in common as they have a past with alcohol that had a very negative effect on their life; however they both seem that they can now handle the drink just fine now (flashback to Lu in bushes and Leah throwing tiki torches.) Fortunately the heat is taken off them as PageSix had a hot tip that Dorinda and John split as Dorinda is now looking for an indoor cat. None of the ladies are surprised that the two split and all feel she can do better – on to the next Dorinda!

The ladies plan a fun fall trip to help Dorinda take her mind off John, despite Dorinda not seeming too upset about it. The farm is adorable with a petting zoo, wine and hayrides. While the location is ideal, the conversation is not as Tinsley quickly gets upset that Dorinda isn’t sharing every detail about her breakup, yet expects Tins to share her bank statement. Tinsley may not be  everyone’s favorite but she doesn’t deserve the treatment that Dorinda is serving. Dorinda comes off as deeply unhappy as there is no reason for her mean and irrational behavior. Whatever issues she has have nothing to do with Tinsley and clearly something deeper is going on with her. Yikes.

Fortunately we get some comic relief with a day drunk Sonja, a very slow hayride and a corn maze. I mean, when I think the housewives of New York, I totally think corn maze. Sonja breathes some life into the corn maze as she steals corn then uses the maze as her own personal bathroom. Nice – Lady Morgan!

When the ladies get back, the mess continues as the poor wine guy has to put up with a drunk Sonja and TMI from all of the ladies. Is it even 2 pm at this point? Clearly day drinking does not agree with them – hopefully they tipped that poor guy well!

RHONY airs Thursday’s on Bravo.

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