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RHOBH Recap: Let the Mouse Go

Welcome back to the dinner party from hell, part two! In classic RHOBH fashion, Kyle Richards is in tears, Teddi is blindly defending Kyle and the rest of the ladies are yelling at each other – so yeah, it was your average Beverly Hills housewives dinner party.  We’re kicking things off with Kyle feeling ganged up on, and is somehow surprised this is happening (is she just noticing this is a common theme in Housewives?) Kyle storms off, leaving with more issues than just with GI Barbie Dorit. So what else is happening?

Thankfully we have more going on with this group of  ladies, as we see Amelia and Deliah at work in LA. The two have decided to start a fashion line (which isn’t the most original idea for famous daughters) and Lisa Rinna is  the momager. It’s pretty much the standard setup for families in LA these days; however Rinna feels it will be something healthy for Amelia to focus on as she returns to LA. While the models shoot, Rinna can’t resist taking some of that spotlight and ends up modeling, which you know was her secret plan all along.

Across town, Erika and Denise meet for coffee and Denise reprimands the women for the dirty talk. I understand Denise being worried about what her daughters and their friends may hear, but whatever they have heard about their father in the press is 10x worse. Apparently Ms. Wild Things is pretty tame nowadays despite those happy endings.

Meanwhile, Garcelle has a cute birthday party for her son, with her ex-husband attending and all. I love Garcelle’s laid back vibe, however party of me wants to know what Jennifer Aydin would think of this casual party. I love that Garcelle and her ex truly put the boys first and seem to be a very well adjusted family, despite an affair (LeeAnn, Eddie and Brand take note!)

Erika is having the ladies at her clubhouse/office/second home for sushi and to rehash issues. Rinna goes out of her way to apologize to Kyle an the two squash their beef as quickly as it started. The ladies hint at a trip to Italy as Dorit is partnering with Bucca di Beppo and needs inspiration. Yes – you read that right. Dorit is partnering with an Italian family food chain and us viewers are supposed to pretend that’s totally normal and not random at all. Right.

The ladies head out on the town and Sutton is going on about flipping out over a makeup guy. I don’t know if I zoned out and missed something or if she is just a bit crazy. Apparently there was a bad business deal between Sutton and Rinna’s makeup artist which left some bad  blood between the two. Why this was brought up? I’m not sure but maybe we will hear more about it later. At dinner the ladies decide to make a mountain of a molehill and keep this discussion going on for wayy longer than it needs to be. Once again I’m confused as to why this is even brought up.

The conversation then turns to Kyle vs. Denise as Kyle is still oddly obsessed with Dorit and Denise’s glam. If the girls want to do glam – let them. It’s pretty much a staple in the Housewives world at this point and as Dorit stated, Teddi has done a 180 as well. I have to give props where props are due as Denise stating she is Denise effing Richards and has been on every magazine cover these women dreamed of being on was the comeback of the season. Let’s end it there!

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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