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RHONY Recap: Just the Sip

We made it to Friday NY fans! So what’s our reward? Another episode of RHONY that we can discuss, so let’s begin!

We started out with Lu eating at Tavern on the Green, meeting her ex-boyfriend (and now engaged) Jacques who seems like one of the healthiest relationships she’s ever had. Should we just refer to him as ‘the one that got away?’ The two discuss her sobriety and Lu admits that she is ready to ‘get back into the game’ which Jacques supports as everyone seems to be in denial that Lu has a drinking problem. Other than sobriety, Lu has a new comedy show and since Jacques is doing stand-up, their personal relationship seems to have turned into a business one.

Across town, Dorinda pulls a Sonja and decides to live in her past by visiting her old townhouse before lunching with the ladies at her old restaurant. A shaky Sonja gets participation points for showing up; however, she isn’t eating due to being on a liquid cleanse to lose a few stubborn pounds. The conversation turns to Luann’s sobriety and the ladies admit that Lu will probably start drinking again, siding with Jacques that it’s time for Lu to get back into the game. I feel it’s a bit concerning that everyone thinks Lu can just jump back in with no concern despite numerous past incidents with alcohol and the law. Does anyone else feel this way?

Continuing in the ‘ladies who lunch’ tradition is Tinsley and her mother Dale who is in town to visit Strawberry and Shortcake aka ‘the grandchildren.’ Apparently the pups are the only loves in her life as Tins broke up with Bruce, mainly due to the fact that she used him as a rebound after breaking up with Scott. The two reminisce about Tinsley’s glory days and return to the runway, and Tins vows to become the woman she used to be (only with a baby – no pressure Tins!)

After lunch, Sonja turns to business mode regarding her International Lifestyle Luxury Brand; however, Sonja is ready to see money but is still in the red. I think Sonja needs to pull a Jessica Simpson and have an affordable brand with pieces between $25 – $75 as this is the price point that many of her viewers buy at. Perhaps she needs to take her notebook and go back to Sknnygirl 101?

The day of Luann’s show is here and the ladies naturally are there to support her. Despite going to a fun event, Leah is dealing with heavy issues with her parents and it’s motherly Ramona who shockingly is bringing sense to her. Lu’s show is about bullying which is ironic as the only one who we haven’t seen bullying behavior from is Jacques. Lu has some nerves before the show and loosens up by drinking straight vodka (I mean, what could go wrong?) Dorinda seems thrilled Lu is throwing away sobriety and Elyse seems to be the only one who shows any concern.

Lu’s set seems to go well (drink and all) however the same can’t be said for the rest of the “comedy” set (and I use that term loosely.) I mean out of all the comedians Jacques stole the stage and only a handful of people could understand him. The prison/bullying/comedy show was a bit bizarre but what else would we expect from a ‘Housewives’ event?

RHONY airs Thursdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode?

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