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Kyle Richards Slams Dorit Kemsley’s ‘Having a F–king Life’ Comment Plus, Says Dorit’s Comment About Her and Teddi Sharing A Bed Was An ‘An Attempt to Get Back At Me For Calling Her Out’

The drama is heating up in the 90210!

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards went head to head on multiple occasions.

Their drama first started when Dorit showed up to Teddi Mellencamp‘s retreat in full glam and very late. Dorit then made it clear she had no plans to participate in any of the events at the retreat, telling Teddi she wouldn’t be going to the yoga/meditation event after lunch.

Kyle took major issue with this. She questioned why Dorit would even come if she was going to show up late and not participate at all. Dorit insisted she only came to support Teddi.

Dorit defended arriving late, saying that was sorry for “having a f–king life.” 

This statement pissed Kyle off even more because of the insinuation that none of the other ladies have a life.

Dorit then took another shot at Kyle and Teddi by insinuating that something more was going on between them since they shared a room one night during the cast trip to Provence last year. Dorit said she found it odd that two grown women would share a bed when they have their own.

Kyle clapped back at all of Dorit’s claim during the episode, but she also had quite a lot to say on Twitter as the drama played out on Bravo.

According to Kyle, she doesn’t “get putting vanity/ glam before friendship” and that everything “went south” when Dorit said, “she had a fucking life.”

“Saying you having a fucking life but came late because you wanted to have your hair and makeup done doesn’t exactly classify as having a life,” Kyle tweeted.

As for Dorit’s comment about Kyle and Teddi sharing a room, Kyle said it was “an attempt to get back at me for calling her out.”

She added, “Dorit tried 2 make an issue out of Teddi sleeping in my bed one night in Provence. I mean, if anything exciting had happened, I’d be happy 2 share. But I am attracted to men. Especially my man. And Teddi is like a little sister.” 

Check out everything else Kyle had to say on Twitter below!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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