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RHOBH Recap: All Fair’s in Glam and War

Welcome Beverly Hills fans! It’s the weekend that no one we’ve all been waiting for…The ‘All In’ retreat by Teddi Mellencamp!

In all honesty – I kid, it actually looks like something I would really enjoy. I just can’t get over the fact that such a random/small story line is taking center stage this season. A teary eyed Sutton, along with Kyle and Erika get there bright and early for a day of boxing, lunch and mindful meditation. Dorit arrives fashionably late , to the annoyance of Kyle, as it’s clear that Dorit chose glam over boxing. Do you think Kyle is really annoyed or just jealous? Dorit regrets coming as soon as she steps in and the only solution is alcohol ( what else would one do at a wellness/weight loss retreat?)

The ladies choose to booze over meditation; however emotions run high when Dorit wants to leave early after arriving late. Kyle takes it personally as she and Teddi are BFFs and the two end up getting in a fight over who is busier. The two of them have more help than 99% of the viewers so it’s a pretty ridiculous argument to have. Why can’t Dorit just suck it up for 24 hours and Kyle let go of the fact that Dorit was late due to glam? Let’s all meet in the middle here people!

Someone who is happy that she didn’t go to the retreat is Lisa Rinna who is having juice with her daughter Amelia. Amelia recently dropped out of school due to mental health issues and is taking time off to focus on herself back in California. Amelia does have plans to go back to school at USC, and fortunately Rinna’s game plan does not include photo shopping Amelia on a rowing machine to get her in. I do commend Amelia for taking charge of her health; however in paparazzi/image obsessed California it still must be a constant challenge.

Also doing mommy duty is Garcelle who is dining out with her two adorable sons, and I am liking Garcelle more and more. I love to see how she and her ex-husband are co-parenting, even after a devastating affair on her husband’s part. The two seem to genuinely put their boys first and all I have to say is – Brandi Glanville take note. Garcelle’s scenes are light and fun and remind me of the early seasons of this franchise.

Denise is throwing her own dinner party that is supposed to be a casual pizza party; however has a diamond theme complete with a diamond ice sculpture. Is anyone else confused here? Also confusing is the tension between Dorit and Kyle as it’s such a stupid fight at this point – so who cares? Their tension takes over the table; however the talk then quickly turns to lesbian relationships which mortifies Denise whose children are within earshot.  Dorit then decides to take advantage of the theme and brings up Kyle and Teddi sleeping in the same bed. This is a reach (even for Dorit) but does bring up the subject of how close Kyle and Teddi have got, despite not knowing each other for very long. The ladies point out that Kyle doesn’t blindly defend all of her friends, despite claiming she does; however Rinna takes the cake by bringing her sister Kim into the mix, which is a surefire way to bring Kyle to tears.

Another successful Beverly Hills dinner party in the books!

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s at 8 PM EST on Bravo.

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