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Brandi Glanville Claims Lisa Vanderpump Has a ‘Secret Closet’ Full of Fur Coats!

It’s no secret that Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump are not on good terms; however I don’t think even Lisa expected her to spill this hot tea!

On a recent episode of her podcast, ‘Brandi Glanville Unfiltered’, Brandi speaks with Dax (who is a former TMZ employee and now a podcast host) touching on everything from Housewives to celebs calling the paparazzi on themselves. Brandi admitted that paparazzi were good to have a relationship with so that you could call them up to give a quote; however she claimed only used them to clear up her side vs. planting stories. Brandi then proved herself wrong by going off on a tangent regarding LVP stating:

“99% of the time I’m on record – you can say I said that. I’m not giving a story that doesn’t somehow help me correct something negative about me that’s out there. I’m not like, ‘oh by the way Lisa Vanderpump has fur coats even though she does. Oh – I just leaked a story!” While her guest Dax started laughing at Brandi dropping this bombshell, Brandi went on stating:

“She has a closet full of fur coats. I’m not lying – she will deny it.” When asked about what types of furs she had, Brandi admitted she wasn’t sure but Vanderpump had a collection of “all different kinds.”

Dax then went to question if LVP banned Bravo production from capturing this closet (as viewers have never seen it) to which Brandi replied: “Nope – it’s a secret closet. I saw it at the first house, I haven’t seen it at Villa Rosa, but when we were besties she was like ‘don’t tell anyone’ and I was was like ‘of course’ and now I’m telling people.”

Naturally, Dax pressed about the secret closet and if it was actually hidden; however Brandi seemed to backtrack stating it was just an ordinary closet: “It was in the hallway, not in her regular closet.” Brandi admitted that there was no “false wall” or anything like that. “It was a door that we didn’t know what was in there – I wouldn’t go in. She even wore some of them on Housewives and would be like, ‘oh darling it’s faux’ and I’m like ‘that’s a bunny on your head.'”

Dax admitted that it’s “pretty crazy to be an animal rights activist and still be wearing furs.” LVP takes her animal charities very seriously, so it could be damaging to her reputation. Brandi admitted her spilling this dirty little secret was payback as Lisa said something mean about her on WWHL recently and therefore, she was feeling a little ‘vindictive.’

As of now, no response from LVP but I have a feeling we will be getting a statement soon.

RHOBH airs tonight on Bravo.

Thoughts on Brandi spilling LVP’s alleged secrets on her podcast?

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