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Sutton Stracke Clears Up her Confusion About Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion Line!

Despite being a ‘friend status’, newbie Sutton Stracke has got a lot of attention; however not always for the right reasons. Sutton has gained criticism for living in her 1% bubble, constant bragging of couture and talking down to her fellow fashionistas. Case in point? Despite claiming to be knowledgeable in fashion, Sutton was clueless about Fenty and dismissed Dorit’s attire as a ‘celebrity collaboration.’

The RHOBH star is now speaking out to People about her controversial comments, which included saying “if God came down and helped collaborate with Tom Ford on this dress, that does not interest me.” Sutton then pulled a newbie move by blaming it on, what else? Editing. Sutton defended herself by stating:

“What was missed was the first thing out of my mouth to Dorit, which was, ‘I love your dress,’ I really loved how she looked; she looked beautiful that night.”

“Honestly, God and Tom Ford coming together would be a serious dream come true, because I love them both equally. I wasn’t referring to Dorit’s dress. If I like something, I’m going to like it because I like it. Not because God and Tom Ford came together to make it. It had nothing to do with Rihanna and [parent company] LVMH. I love Rihanna. I’ve got three teenage kids here in the house, so that’s not what it was referring to at all. You can’t be the editor in this. We can try to explain ourselves later, and it’s kind of crazy how editing can change, but I can’t control that.”

I’m not a fan when reality stars blame things on editing. Yes editing can twist things, however at the end of the day you said what you said so in the words of Rinna – own it!

Sutton also admitted that seeing herself on camera has been an eye opener, adding:

“It’s so funny because I’m like, ‘Gosh, am I that big of a jerk? I had no idea.’ I hate that I’m coming across as a jerk. Maybe I might be one. So there’s that moment and then, ‘Oh, I need a lot more makeup. What happened? I thought I had a lot of makeup on.’ It’s crazy.”

I have mixed feelings about Sutton but appreciate that at least she realizes she’s not coming off as great. We’re only two episodes in so we’ll see if things change throughout the season.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo

Thoughts n Sutton so far?

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