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Brandi Glanville Continues To Dish About Alleged Fling With Denise Richards Despite Receiving A Cease & Desist; Says Denise’s Legal Action Hurt RHOBH Plus Find Out How Denise and Aaron’s Marriage Is Holding Up Amid the Drama

A little cease and desist letter isn’t going to keep Brandi Glanville’s unfiltered mouth shut –  or is it?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills friend couldn’t stop talking about her alleged fling with Denise Richards that is until the former Bond girl slapped her with a cease and desist.

As we’ve reported numerous times, Brandi claims she and Denise hooked up multiple times throughout 2019. She also insists that Denise and her hubby Aaron Phyphers have an open marriage. Denise has denied the claims, but Brandi continues to insist she has proof she’s telling the truth. Brandi spilled all of this to their RHOBH casts while also showing them text messages between her and Denise, which caused even more drama between the ladies.

On April 22, a fan commented on one of Brandi’s Instagram posts and asked, “Can you fill us in on Denise Richards? All the best.”

Brandi’s response? “No, she sent me a cease-and-desist I will not talk about her.”

However, up until a few days prior, Brandi was doing just that. In an April 16 Instagram Live session with BP Major, Brandi doubled down on her claims she and Denise hooked up.

“Yeah we made out, we hooked up,” Brandi said boldly during the IG Live.

BP asked, “When you made out with Denise, have they been indoors or out in public?”

“Which one? Which time?” Brandi replied while playing coy.

Meanwhile, on the April 17 episode of her Unfiltered podcast, Brandi dished on the drama between her and Denise as well as the season 10 premiere of RHOBH.

“If this situation was reversed and I’m on a reality show, and someone’s like, ‘Okay, I hooked up with her’ and it didn’t happen (which it did), I would just be like ‘F—k off, you’re a liar,’ you know?” Brandi explained. “I feel like she just looks guilty by halting, running … like you can say whatever you want about me and I’ll be like, ‘F—k you, like you’re an idiot.’”

Brandi then confirmed again that Denise sent her a “legal STFU” letter. She also revealed that Denise also sent cease and desist letters to RHOBH producers.

“Producers got them, she refused to film, and it kind of f—ked up [all] the girls and then it cost a lot of money for the producers because they need the story for it to unfold,” Brandi stated.

As for her drama with Denise, Brandi said, “Honestly, she was a down-to-earth girl, we had a fun night, we drank too much, we made out … it’s not a big deal. And then … something in her changed. And it was just…I don’t know. I figured it out, but I don’t wanna say what it is.”

Brandi also admitted that she’s “scared” of the pernicious look Denise made when finally sitting down to film her confessional interviews. Adding that Denise “had a lot of time to come up with a story.”

Later on in the podcast, Brandi said she agrees with Lisa Rinna’s statement that the Housewives “sign up to show [their] real lives” and that they “can’t hide anything.”

“I just feel like Lisa said it best … if you sign up for a reality show, you need to share [everything],” she said. “[I mean Lisa] didn’t want to talk about her daughter’s eating disorder, I didn’t wanna talk about a lot of things, but you do. And if you don’t want to and you’re getting a full paycheck — quit. I’m not getting a full paycheck, [but] I’m willing to do it. And it sucks like; I do the most for the least.”

Brandi insists she knows “a million girls” who would “happily share everything” and take Denise’s place on RHOBH. 

“Like do you think Kyle wanted to just have the tabloid stuff about her husband out there?” she asked. “Everyone has had s–t said about them, and they go [and] deal with it on the show.”

Speaking of tabloid fodder and marital woes, a source tells HollywoodLife that Denise and her hubby Aaron are doing just fine despite the drama. Sources say Aaron isn’t bothered by the rumors.

Denise & Aaron are going really strong despite all of the rumors and stories,” a source revealed. “Aaron doesn’t believe the rumors for one second. She’s really ready for the season to come out as she feels like her side will be seen, and she can’t wait for the viewers to see her truth. Denise knows she said certain things about the ladies; however, they’ve also said some not nice things about her, which will come out as the season progresses.”

The insider continued, “She’s disappointed the other ladies seemed to believe Brandi, but there’s nothing she can really do about what other people see or think. She’s a professional, and she’s ready to re-live everything even though she wishes it never happened. She’s just glad to get her side out there.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Are you surprised Brandi continues to talk about her alleged fling with Denise? Do you agree that Denise’s legal action hurts RHOBH?

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