RHONY Recap: Don’t Mansion It

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I know last night we were watching housewives in New York but tonight we are watching the actual ladies of the Big Apple.

While last night was NYFW tonight were in the Hamptons but that doesn’t mean the ladies are skimping on the designer duds, even though they are just wine tasting. Despite being sober for 9 years, spending time with this crazy group has already driven the new ‘wife Leah to drink as she feels she is up to the task. Leah admits that alcohol ruined her life a decade ago, so drinking + reality TV this time around….well, you do the math Leah!

Ramona decides to bond with the ladies by sharing something personal about herself and I’m shocked at how real and self aware Ms. Singer is. While Ramona keeps it genuine, Tinsley ruins the moment by saying she needs a child to ‘check that box’ which comes off as shallow and bizarre. Dorinda uses this moment to go in at Tinsley, comparing her to an iceberg as we only see 10% of who she is. Leah’s turn comes and she shares her rehab story while Dorinda reveals she is petrified for her future (which seems to be the running theme in this group.) All of these women are single so the lack of a stable romantic relationship has really taken a toll on them, which is pretty surprising considering they are all so strong and independent.

While it’s rose all day, it’s partying with millionaires at night (who apparently dated both Bethenny and Tinsley) and the ladies are dressed to impress. While half the ladies look like they are going clubbing in New York, the others look like they are in Atlanta, GA (Ramona’s words not mine!) The house is beautiful but the party is dry AF (bar setup is lame and it seems a bit Downton Abbey ish.) None of the ladies seem to be enjoying themselves other than Ramona who is trying to bag herself a very rich man (which is why I suspect she actually came to the party in the first place.)

Ramona is trying hard to impress the owner, Joe; however Sonja is not helping her out as she is pretty drunk and loud. Sonja was a little sloppy before but really lost it after being called an ‘accessory’ to her ex-husband which does not sit well with lady Morgan. While Sonja defends her ‘boss bitch’ title Ramona is working hard, hoping to snag that trophy wife status.

While Sonja causes problems at the party, it’s the Countess who leaves in the middle of the night, as she is unhappy with her accommodations. It’s clear from the text and the tone that humble Lu is long gone and the ladies are going to have to deal with the repercussions of forcing the Countess to sleep in the lower level.

RHONY airs Thursdays at 9 PM EST on Bravo.

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