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Caroline and Lauren Manzo Fire Back After Being Attacked on Instagram Plus, Lauren Says Her Family Will No Longer Share Photos of Markie

They say a picture says a thousand words, but in reality, that’s not always the case.

Caroline Manzo and her daughter Lauren Manzo came under fire after the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star shared a photo of her granddaughter Markie watching Frozen at her home in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

“This is how we’re watching Frozen today. My Markie girl,” Caroline captioned a photo of Markie watching Frozen with her head on the couch and her feet on the coffee table.

While the super adorable photo received praise from many, it also drew its fair share of critics.

A select few “fans” questioned where Lauren was and why Markie was at Caroline’s house when she should be home during the current quarantine.

“Just curious. If everyone is supposed to be staying home, why are you having your granddaughter over all the time? I thought your daughter’s salon would be closed. Are you all staying at your house together?” one fan questioned.

Another wrote, “Do they live with you, or is NJ not on lockdown?”

From the looks of the various responses from Lauren and her family, there were also several other comments questioning the Manzo family’s current living situation, but they have since been deleted.

Caroline explained her family’s current quarantine situation after being bombarded with “unbelievable” questions and accusations.

“To clear things up, and hopefully you can all go on with your lives after I answer this very important and pressing question,” Caroline wrote. “Lauren and Markie are quarantined here, at my home. Vito is in the foodservice business and has to go into work every day. In normal times he works very long hours, just as my husband does. Rather than risk the health of Lauren and Markie, Vito goes to work and returns home to his home in Wayne that he shares with his wife, Lauren, and their daughter, Markie.”

She continued, “BUT – because of the virus, and the risk to Lauren and Markie because of Vito’s exposure to people, Lauren and Markie are staying here with me. Do we understand that? Vito goes to work every day and returns to his home in Wayne every evening. Lauren is here with the baby. They are practicing social distancing and being responsible parents. Now we can all go on with life. Unbelievable.”

Lauren also addressed the drama writing, “It’s insanity that people assume that I’m not here with her because I’m not in the photo. Are people really that dumb???? We are quarantined here. It’s unreal. Everyone just stop.”

She then warned, “And if the bullshit doesn’t stop, we are not going to allow anyone in my family to post our daughter anymore.”

“It’s getting really f–king annoying. So mind your business and enjoy the cute kid or don’t see her anymore. It’s that simple,” Lauren added.

It seems that the bullshit didn’t stop, and Lauren announced later Monday night that she and her family would no longer be posting photos of Markie.

“Since so many of you are absolutely insane, mean, and don’t know how to mind your own f–king business…we will no longer be posting photos of Markie on our Instagrams. This includes my extended family on their Instagrams too. Thanks for f–king it up for everyone else,” Lauren wrote on her Instagram story.

Lauren then shared all the messages she received from people saying they are so sad she won’t be posting photos of Markie anymore.

“In 4 minutes, all these messages already of people sad, I won’t be posting Markie,” Lauren wrote. “Maybe I should tag all the assholes that continue to attack me because it’s their fault. So sick of all the bullshit. Rant over.”

Some of the comments and assumptions made on Caroline’s post were utterly disgusting. People see a snippet and think they know the whole story. I’m glad Lauren and Caroline tried to shutdown the BS.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

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