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RHONY Producers Slam Bethenny Frankel After She Dissed The Show and Its Ratings; Says She Mistreated Her Co-Stars and Is “Desperate” and “Pathetic” For Attention

The drama between Bethenny Frankel and her former Real Housewives of New York family is heating up faster than a New York minute.

Bethenny is coming under fire after she dissed season 12 of RHONY and it’s ratings. In an interview with Extra TV, Bethenny said she didn’t like hearing her former co-stars talk smack about her in the season 12 premiere episode.

“The beginning of the show was the proverbial middle finger to me,” Bethenny admitted. “The women have definitely had some unpleasant things to say about me. I wish them well.”

She also suggested that the ratings for RHONY were down following her exit.

“The ratings overall in television have never been higher, and perhaps the ratings on ‘Real Housewives’ aren’t doing well because it’s sort of not maybe the content that is inspiring people to do what they need to do right now,” Bethenny said. “Or maybe they want to watch the news or something uplifting or some way to pay it forward.”

However, a rep for Bravo tells PEOPLE that the season 12 premiere numbers were “very similar” to the season 11 premiere ratings.

“You could argue even more people showed up intentionally to watch RHONY this year,” the rep explained.

Now, RHONY producers are slamming Bethenny, and let’s just say they aren’t holding back.

Five separate production sources tell The Daily Mail TV that Bethenny’s comments are “a desperate and pathetic attempt to remain in the spotlight.”

“Every second of every day she thinks about the error she made in walking away from the only show that was ever a success for her,” one insider claims.

Apparently, B’s comments are seen as pure jealousy by all those who worked with her behind the scenes on RHONY.

“Her extreme narcissism has meant that she can’t handle the spotlight being taken away from her,” the sources insisted.

Adding, “The women know it kills her that this season is going to be a success without her. You’ve got to feel sorry for her, really. She lost on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, her talk show bombed, her Sirius radio show failed, and every time Bravo has attempted another show with her – they’ve tanked too.”

“Her toxic comments really are a slap in the face for Andy Cohen. I feel really sorry for him. He made her a star through the Real Housewives and backed her for years and this is how she thanks him, by trashing the show. She’s simply not a loyal friend or a gracious colleague,” the sources continued.

The production sources urged Andy to ditch his friendship with Bethenny once and for all.

“If I was Andy Cohen, I’d lose Bethenny’s number as she’s proven that she isn’t loyal,” the sources urged.

The sources went on to insist that RHONY is better off without Bethenny.

“This season the cast can breathe, everyone shows up, and no one is afraid of what mood Bethenny will be in or if she’ll even be filming,” production sources explained. “This is someone who called her cast members every horrific name under the sun for years, and yet she can’t comprehend that they are happy to have her off the show.”

Even after announcing her exit from RHONY in August 2019, Bethenny couldn’t help but want to know the scoop on everything that was going down during the filming of season 12.

“As we filmed this season, she blew up the phone of one of the cast members multiple times a day, always wanting to know what was going on during filming,” a source said.

“She’d want a breakdown of every scene, who said what, who is fighting with who. It was pathetic. The women would laugh and joke about how they knew it was killing Bethenny that she wasn’t on the show.”

The sources added that Bethenny now thinks she’s “above” reality TV.

“Bethenny wants to talk about how she’s above reality TV, but that’s what made her a success. She is reality TV, and it is her oxygen,” they said.

As for Bethenny’s claims that the ratings for RHONY are down, sources say her claims couldn’t be further from the truth. The RHONY season 12 premier was considered a success. According to data, the season 12 premiere numbers were very similar to season 11, and streaming views of the premiere are up 13 percent compared to season 11.

“The show did really well. She hadn’t even seen the ratings. Once all the numbers come in, episode one is on track to smash the first episode of the last season Bethenny starred in,” they said.

However, the most “outrageous” claim going around is that Bethenny is responsible for newbie Leah McSweeney joining the RHONY.

“The most outrageous leak was Bethenny taking credit for Leah McSweeney being cast. This mysteriously appeared in PEOPLE just before the season premiered, yet Leah has never even met Bethenny,” revealed the sources.

“The two women share a beauty therapist, and she recommended her name – a name that Bethenny sent to the network along with a list of other names. Something that all the women do every season,” the sources added. “Bethenny even followed Leah on Instagram, and when she heard that Leah was working out well and that the other women were enjoying filming with her, Bethenny suddenly unfollowed her.”

Sources even say that all of Bethenny’s do-good work is more about feeding her enormous ego and less about actually helping people.

“In all honestly, the best thing about her narcissism is that people are getting helped because Bethenny needs the limelight,” they said. I mean anytime you turn on the television she is on a show promoting herself,” the sources claimed. “In fact, Jill Fritzo [her publicist] should call the White House and have Bethenny stand between Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci so she can talk about herself to the entire country.”

Meanwhile, a source close to the RHONY cast tells Page Six, “We all can’t believe she’s out there bashing the show when the ratings are good, and she’s proclaimed to have moved on when she decided to leave the franchise. I know the ladies-only wish her more success with her new show than she had with the last one!”

A production source adds, “As much as Bethenny pretends to be a producer, creator, mogul, and even philanthropist, she will always be a ‘Real Housewife’ and reality star. She was a no-one before ‘RHONY’ — why would someone be so desperate as to bash the franchise that built her brand? Andy [Cohen] is livid!”

The Real Housewives of New York airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET

Thoughts on this report? Do you think these claims about B are truthful? Were Bethenny’s comments out of line?

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