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Let’s Discuss: RHONY Stooping to a Lower Level

We’re only two episodes into this season and already the ladies are ‘bringing it.’ So what’s the beef this season?

As discussed, The Countess is back as she is once again complaining about not being treated like the European aristocracy that she still thinks she is. First, the ladies had to treat her special when she was engaged, then they had to walk on eggshells when she was divorced – what is her excuse this time? Either way, it’s pretty comical to see Ramona try to hype up the ‘lower quarters’ and watch Lu make it known that she is not impressed. At least the fish room was on ground level:

We also get to know more about the new girl Leah including the placement of her many tattoos. I said it last week but I’ll say it again: Leah looks like she could be LeeAnn Rimes’ sister – is anyone else seeing this? Despite getting along great with Sonja, the two unfortunately will never have a drunk hookup as Sonja is turned off by Leah’s tattoos which she finds ‘self defecating.’ Sonja isn’t really one to talk when it comes to classiness – doth the lady protest too much about hooking up with tattooed men??

We dive deeper into Leah’s past, learning she has a history of substance abuse which got get kicked out of the house at the age of seventeen. Leah says she used that experience to get scrappy and start her own fashion company, something she is able to bond with Ramona Singer over. It’s a shame that Bethenny isn’t on this season as I can see Leah getting along with the B as well – she’s a tough NY chick who can definitely hold her own:

Leah also won me over when she questioned whether these ladies leave their 1% UES bubble (spoiler alert: they don’t.) I’m not a fan of tattoos but don’t have the audacity to say I don’t talk to people with them, or tell someone to turn around and bend over. I know Dorinda meant it as a joke; however there is something mean spirited about her this season which didn’t make the joke quite as funny:


The ‘Real Housewives of New York’ airs Thursdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Leah so far?

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