Let’s Discuss the RHONY Premiere!

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The world is tough right now so let’s all escape into the world of RHONY. The Housewives of NYC are always a fan favorite and never fail to ‘bring it’, so without further ado – here we go!

We start this season with news that doesn’t feel noteworthy at all in today’s climate; however at the time of filming Bethenny leaving the show was a big deal in the Bravo world. Despite the B exiting stage right, the show must go on, and go on it will!

Lu kicks things off with an appearance in criminal court, with Sonja and the local coffee guy by her side to celebrate the end of her probation. Despite Lu celebrating new beginnings, she’s the same old Lu (aka delusional and self-centered) as she has a hard time admitting any faults.

Across town, a single Tins is working out with the new girl Leah by boxing and the two look like they could be sisters (only difference is Leah doesn’t wear 3 lbs. of lashes.) After working out, Tins dishes about her love life with Leah, including dating a guy named Bruce (at least his name is Bruce for now – Tinsley may be trying to change that.) Leah and Tinsley seem to get along great and despite only seeing her for a few minutes, I do think Leah is tough enough to hang with the ladies of NYC.

Speaking of relationships, Dorinda and John are still together (who would have thought) and are still going strong. Despite them being together for quite some time, I still don’t get them as a couple, and in the words of Dorinda, familiarity breeds contentment. Perhaps she is referring to both Luann and John with that statement as she misses her friendship with Lu despite heir constant up and downs.

Meanwhile, Ramona is hanging out with her girlfriends to escape the fact that she is alone. Ramona has never got over her divorce with Mario and this meltdown is a clear indication of that. Does anyone have a man for Ramona that will hold her and love her and want to be with her? If so, let her know – girl needs to be hooked up ASAP!

We finally get to know more about the new girl Leah – who ‘look wise’ reminds me slightly of LeAnn Rimes. Leah has an adorable daughter Kier who is one of her best friends (the other best friend would be her ex Rob.) Leah and her daughter have a very unique relationship and the two remind me of a younger version of Ramona and Avery (ie the daughter is more mature than the mother.) Leah seems like a quintessential New Yorker and I feel she will be able to hold her own in this group of bad b*tches.

Dorinda is ‘making it nice’ and throwing a party for the ladies, hoping that Tinsley has enough to drink where she spills all her secrets. I don’t understand Dorinda’s fascination with Tinsley as the two aren’t close so I don’t know what Dorinda is expecting from her. Perhaps Dorinda knows something we viewers don’t know about Tins? The ladies arrive to the party looking lovely, but no one looks more fierce than Dorinda with that icy new haircut – get it Dorinda! Dorinda also proves she is really ready to make it nice by giving Luann the ultimate compliment and bringing in a drag queen to dance to ‘Jovani’ which is the best thing you could do for Lu.

While the party rages on, Leah and Lu bond and we get to know a lot about the new girl. Apparently she was able to get the money for her company by suing the police for knocking out her teeth – so naturally Luann bonded with her right away. While the two swap prison tales, Dorinda and Tinsley feud and Sonja tries to pick up a younger man. All in all your standard RHONY party.

RHONY airs Thursdays on Bravo

Thoughts on the premiere?

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