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Jill Zarin Reveals She Conceived Daughter Ally Shapiro With a Sperm Donor; Says She Was Blackmailed Into Telling Ally the Truth!

Former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin dropped a major bombshell about her daughter Ally Shapiro while appearing on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast.

Jill and Ally opened up how the 27-year-old found out she was conceived via a sperm donor and not by her father, Steven Shapiro, who raised her.

According to Ally, as she was preparing to head back to Vanderbilt University for her senior year of college, she was going through her mom’s emails and allegedly stumbled upon an email from her soon-to-be former stepmom that was addressed to everyone in the Shapiro family, including Jill.

The email was titled “Question of the day” and read, “Why is Ally the fattest in the Shapiro family?” and “Why does Ally have blue eyes and no one else does?” and “Why is Ally the shortest one?”

Ally found the whole thing weird since her dad and stepmom were getting a divorce and asked her mom what she meant by this all.

Jill sat Ally down and suggested they call her dad.

“[My mom] said, ‘We were never going to tell you like this and we didn’t know when the right time was, but basically, your dad’s your dad, but we had a difficult time having you and we used a sperm donor,’” Ally explained. “And I never in a million years would have thought that. Like I had no inkling.”

“How did you feel at that moment?” host Heather McDonald asked.

“I think I was shocked,” Ally admitted. “I don’t think I was ever really mad, I was more just surprised. I was mad at my stepmom for all this pain she was trying to cause us and blackmail us.”

Jill says that she and Steven had always planned to tell Ally but wanted to wait until after she graduated college. She explained that they were forced to tell her sooner after Steven’s ex-wife threatened to expose the truth to Ally.

The former RHONY star also revealed that she also had to tell her parents the truth about Ally’s paternity and admits that her mother, Gloria, was very upset over the whole thing.

As for why they kept this whole thing a secret, Jill explains “This was many many years ago … and in those days it was very early on in this whole sperm donor business. At the time people said, ‘You just don’t say anything. Do the insemination and then have sex and pretend that’s how you got pregnant then. Because there was, like, a shame to it back then.”

Meanwhile, Jill and Ally say they’ve found her biological father through an online service that links children with their donor parents and siblings. And while, according to Jill, Ally’s biological dad is “more like Ally than I am,” the 27-year-old is in no rush to meet him anytime soon.

“I didn’t have a say in when I was told and how I was told or who my siblings are now,” Ally explained. “I feel like I can choose now when I want to meet this guy and what our relationship is and boundaries … I think I want to meet him when the timing is right for both of us. I feel like now’s not the right time.”

As for her stepmom, Ally says she allegedly had a substance abuse problem at the time this all went down and has since gotten clean and sober. Since then she’s reached out to Ally to try and make amends, however, Ally isn’t ready to forgive and forget just yet.

“I feel like it’s my choice of when I can forgive her and I feel like it’s whenever I’m ready and I’m not,” she admitted. “And I don’t think I owe it to her to forgive her.”

Season 12 of the RHONY premieres Thursday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET

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Source: Us Weekly, RealityBlurb

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