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Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute Get Into Massive Twitter Fight After Kristen Says Stassi Has No Career and Was “A Nothing A Few Years Ago”

The drama on Vanderpump Rules may be ho-hum at the moment but leave it to Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute to bring the real drama to social media!

The two former BFFs got into a social media squabble over Kristen’s recent comments about Stassi’s career/worth ethic.

On the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Kristen slammed Stassi‘s career; claiming that her on-again, off-again friend does “nothing.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Kristen confronted Stassi and Katie Maloney about the future of their wine line – The Witches of Weho amid their current friendship drama. Kristen claims she wanted to make sure the three of them could still remain professional and work together despite their personal issues.

Stassi, on the other hand, wasn’t having it and said she would remain apart of the brand as long as she was contractually obligated but after that, she was out. This didn’t sit well with Kristen, who vented about the drama on the Pump Rules After Show. 

According to Kristen, she approached Stassi and Katie about their business because “We had two events to plan for Witches of WeHo wine that were really important to me. We have wine to sell. We have a sh*t ton of money to make. I like making money. I just bought a house. I’m not sitting here acting like I’m a rich b—h. My business ventures are very important to me.”

“What the f–k are you doing? Like you literally do nothing. You were asked to push something on social media and because you have a f–king podcast and a book you think you’re the Queen of England? Like f–k you,” Kristen vented.

She continued, “We all started from the bottom. We’re fortunate to have a platform to have these companies and to work really hard. But remember, you were once down here and you can come back down here really fast. In a couple of years, no one could give a sh-t about her f–king podcast. Who in 10 years wants to listen to a 40-year-old talk about a pop culture podcast? Like, slow your f–king roll.”

Kristen then warned Stassi to remember where she came from saying, “I don’t kiss the ring and Stassi Schroeder, you are much younger than me and b—h, you were nothing a few years ago.”

Well, fast forward to now and it turns out that Kristen is having some major regrets about her comments.

On Wednesday, Kristen tweeted, I just watched a VPR aftershow where it feels like I was insulting @stassi work ethic. I think Stass has built a brand for herself and I’ve always been proud of her. I was angry about the wine company at that time and I want to publicly correct my opinion.”

She later added, “I’m not above apologizing or explaining my feelings. I don’t want my opinions to be misconstrued.”

This second statement from Kristen came after a fan praised her apology while trashing Katie and Stassi’s inability to do the same.

This all didn’t sit well with Stassi who quickly chimed in on Kristen’s tweets.

“I’ve never once said a word about the things @kristendoute work[s] on. Cool, that you’re “not apologizing” for making fun of my podcast/how I’m probably going to come crashing down/that no one will want to listen to it when I’m 40,” Stassi tweeted.

However, Stassi instantaneously regretted getting involved in the petty drama considering the current state of the world.

“Ugh. I’m embarrassed that I’m triggered by show stuff when there’s much more important shit going on right now. Seriously, feel free to judge me. I’m judging myself,” Stassi said.

It turns out there’s a lot more to drama.

Stassi apparently texted Kristen about her comments on the Pump Rules After Show. Yet, she never asked Kristen for a public apology. Stassi went on to say that this is a prime example of why she and Kristen can’t mend fences.

“And this is why we can’t get it together. When I texted you PRIVATELY, I never ASKED for a PUBLIC half-ass apology. But ya.. you clearly still don’t understand why we are where we are today,” Stassi explained.

Kristen responded to Stassi’s initial tweet saying, “And now you’re just attempting to trash me publicly after we’ve been texting about this for the past hour.”

When a fan replied to the above tweet and asked: “didn’t you post first?” Kristen responded, “Yes. She text me that she was disgusted by what I said. I watched it and apologized/shared my feelings + said I would publicly acknowledge the clip.”

As for Stassi, it seems the Twitter feud life just isn’t for her. She then joked that this must be what it’s like to be Jax Taylor.

“This twitter feud thing is new for me. Is this what it feels like to be @mrjaxtaylor? Lol … quarantine life is getting weird,” Stassi joked. 

Later, adding, “I need to put the phone down and go learn how to make a Niçoise salad or vegan tacos or whatever the influencers are pushing right now.”

Even an hour later Stassi still wasn’t doing well and shared a gif of Dorinda Medley’s infamous “not well bitch” scene from RHONY.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

Thoughts on Stassi and Kristen’s latest fight? Who’s side are you on?

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