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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Brittany and Jax’s Fairy-Tale Wedding!

It’s stressful in the real world so thankfully this episode of Vanderpump Rules we have a fairy-tale wedding for escapism. And by fairy-tale wedding I mean a princess bride, a hungover groom and a best man with tampons to spare.

As much as I joke, it’s touching to see Jax have his dad’s favorite meal before his big day and to see Brittany so happy. Not to mention LVP’s impression of Brittany and Jax needs an episode of it’s own. As much as this wedding has been a pain and annoyance (it’s dragged on for wayyy too long) I got emotional seeing Brittany and Jax, especially hearing Jax talk about his father.

The vows were sweet, Lance did his job and Schwartz was the comic relief that we expected. All in all it was a sweet ceremony and in today’s crazy world we needed a good Bravo wedding, so mission accomplished! Despite Brittany and Jax’s wedding going off without a hitch, Tom and Katie are apparently living in sin as the two aren’t legally married. Despite LVP acting upset, we all know she was salivating that her show was getting this convenient sub-plot.

As LVP is away, SUR must go on so luckily she has a strong, mature staff that is covering for her. And by that I mean Danica who has a DUI (do they not have Ubers in WeHo??) and Raquel who continues to make excuses for her verbally abusive boyfriend. On top of that, we have Dayna who thinks that cheating at brunch clears the sins of cheating at an Italian dinner, so all in all it’s the group you would expect that works at SUR. #Yikes

Fortunately we move back to Kentucky where we get a Southern Charm cameo, and NSYNC cameo and an ex cameo. Seriously…why is Carter here? The plus ones’ are stealing the spotlight as Carter is getting wayyy too much screen time and Beau is teasing Stassi on when he will propose. One other man who get entirely too much screen time is Schwartz who gives the never ending speech and is cringe worthy to watch on screen so I can only imagine how bad it was in real time. What happened to the Schwartz who gave those short and sweet wedding vows?!

After the party is the after party, and the girls of Hooters ensure that it keeps going, ranch dipping sauce and all. In the words of Stassi, as the clock strikes midnight we move from fairy-tale chic to KY chic, but it’s still fab in it’s own right. In part II of the Jax/Brittany wedding, we see Kristen chase Carter, a cash bar and Sandoval coming through with best man of the year award. I’m team Jax here – if I paid $100K for a wedding none of my friends or family better reach for their credit card!

As far as Bravo weddings go, I give it a B- (in the words of Jax, it’s a passing grade!) What were your thoughts?

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s on Bravo. 

Thoughts on the wedding episode?

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